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Bearskin Larvae

Beast Anomaly Report #2 - Parasidic Cause
We discovered the cause of the physical mutations. It's parasites! Parasites that form from dried up blood from Bears to be exact.
Sarah Ruth Rowley

Cause of Mutation

Since every mutated organism encountered in the area somewhat resembled bears, we searched for any clues involving them. What we found were four unfortunate bear families slaughtered. After taking samples of skin, meat, bones and blood I did some research and uncovered tiny organisms squirming around in the blood.

Confirmation and Research

These circular cells, which must have been in the thousands per cm², were cross-referenced with materials harvested from mutated beasts and were confirmed to exist in those as well. What was odd however was that these parasites also existed within the mutations skin, muscles and organs, which was a big derivation from the original samples.

Parasidic Behaviour

We conclude that these parasites, who were dubbed Bearskin Larvae, form from the combination of bear blood, dirt/fecalities and the properties of the Fog. Due to their bearen origin, and their need to feed on other organisms, they reject infesting other bear parts and opt for reproduction inside those creatures that ingest them.

Physical Changes

After Ingesting the Larvae, the crature will experience physical changes, such as abnormal muscle and bone growth, hightened strength and mental frenzies, similar to rabies. As seen before, the affected creatures prove to throw out previously known strategy and waryness and opt for simple and hard hitting aggression.
Bearskin Larvae? You mean there is an organism that can strengthen the body of a creature to reach new horizons? I'd love to have some to experiment on!
— Comment of Soul Modder Tom Lester Rowley

Practical Usages

Now that we know what these parasites are, we can think of how far we can take their properties. We have sent a practice batch to the Soul Enhancement Scholars already and are inbetween discussions with the Alchemists and Biomagi Engineers.
Scientific Name
Protozoa Sporozoa Furobdruatus
10-15 years
Average Length
4.2 to 5.4 µm diameter
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
Bearskin Wolf

Further Reading

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Note: More Information can be found at a later date in other reports once more research has been conducted on the Larvae. If further clarification or practical inputs are on the forefront of your mind, do shoot us a message!

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