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Biomagi Engineer

Profession Statement, #BM01
With the current uprise of mechanical mods to the body, the biological aspect of body recovery and enhancements will soon split into a new profession. In this document, I will outline the basics of what a Biomagi Engineer will do.
— Ludwig "Wingbreaker" Terrasteel
Biomagi Engineering will be a scientific profession that aims to understand and study biological organisms imbued with magic, replicate their effects and supply them to those that need them most.

A Perfect Mix of Magic and Medicine


Biomagi Engineering can be chosen in as early as the Rox Academics, as a secondary specialization. Those that choose to work towards this path will get to know biological organisms, both mundane and magical, study them and extract valuable information regarding possible tinctures, medicinals and more. While in school, a dedicated Biomagi Professor should be deployed to aid any pressing matters, though students are encouraged to work among themselves. Once graduated, the new Biomagi Engineers may join a guild, work independently and take clients, or use their knowledge out in the field.


A Biomagi Engineer will have to create or be given their own intricate laboratory in which their studies proceed. A simple Dissection Kit will not suffice for anything beyond basic training.

payment & Reimbursement

A Biomagi Engineer earns coin in a few ways:

Work for a Guild

They may choose to enter into a research guild and be paid a set amount of money for their research.


Becoming a doctor and taking clients independently from a guild is also an option to earn some coin.

Independent Researcher

One may choose to work on individual projects, which upon completion can be sent into the guild to proofcheck and subsequently sell, either to the guild, or through it.
Alternative Names
Organism Engineer, Medical Engineer
Other Associated professions

Projects from Professionals

For my finals I hunted a Flightbeak and used its tears to conjure a tincture that lessens eye strain.
— New Biomagi Engineer
New Revelations! Master Leevencraft released the recipe for his soul soothing Nighthornet Honey Tea to the public for free! He really followed through!
— Clockwork Courier, 28R5C12G

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