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We hunt not to kill, but to salvage. Keep this in mind at all times. We are not here to mindlessly destroy the precious wildlife that exists beyond the Worlds Edge, we capture, study and kill to protect ourselves and uncover more about the world we live in.
— Beastiarian Archlectore, Ludwig "Wingbreaker" Terrasteel
Beastiarians should be an essential part of any Soulventure. Having a specialized hunter versed in wildlife will not only give our expeditioners a good foundation of safety, but also provide them with a basic understanding of salvaging parts and/or capturing critters.



To become a Beastiarian, one will first enroll in the Venturers Guilds Academy program, majoring in either "Survival and Tracking" or "Culling and Capturing". While there are some specializations that those soon to be hunters will also have to choose from, like "Monster Anatomy" or "Material Identification", majoring in one of the two mentioned main study paths will be a requirement to join the Venturers Guild as a member of the Beastiarian Department

A detailled list of all the majors and specializations can be found in the documentations regarding the Venturers Guild

Career Progression

After their enrollement in the Beastiarian Department, the Beastiarians will be given the title of "Initiate" and be chosen by a mentor that will guide them on their journey. After the 3rd succcessful expedition, they, together with their mentors input, specialize, choosing either to become a Tracker, Trapper, Harvester or Slayer. Once a path has been chosen, the Beastiarian will receive frequent guidance and ressources to better their skills. Each path will be broken up in some kind of ranking system, which we will decide on later (See Beastiarian Rankings). The Dominion of Fang and Claw will act as a tradition amongst Beastiarians where they embark on different quests to climb their ranks.

Payment & Reimbursement

We want Beastiarians to be motivated for their job. They should feel as a part of research, and not just as the people doing the dirty work. Depending on their individual contract, which will be agreed upon after enrolling into their specialization division, we want to give Beeastiarians commissions and part of the materials they collect on top of their per mission compensation. Depending on the contract, more monetary reimbursement, or more monster materials are rewarded per incapacitated target. Resulting from this, the Beastiarians, and all other members of a Soulventure, are free to use the attained gold or materials to buy/craft new equipment.



Beastiarians will have a variety of work to choose from after joining the Venture Guilds Beastiarian Division. They can join a standard Soulventure and uncover uncharted lands behind the veil of the Worlds Edge, killing and researching new monsters as they go. They can also form or join a Hunters Org where they can be assigned into squads to clear out quests. These are often about killing certain monsters from the Worlds Edge and retrieving their materials. We plan on building barriers at the outer most parts of the known world where Beastiarians guard civilisation from incoming monster raids.
Beastiarians have the luxury to not be limited to one of those fields. More often than not, a Hunter joins the Hunters Org with the freedom of having a Soulventure team as well as a Hunters Org Squad. In some instances, the Beastiarians can be allowed to have their Soulventure be their squad of choice to clear the Monster Quests with the limitation of them being on standby near designated barriers in case of an incoming monster raid.



A hunter receives weapons of choice upon enrolling the Academic program. They gain proficiency while training and will choose one weapon upon completing the academy, receiving their first self-owned weapon as well as a ticket that allows them to carry their weapon publicly. Their armor can vary depending on individual preference. Armor and weaponry can be crafted or bought at will by hunters.
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Beastiarian Rankings
— Ludwig "Wingbreaker" Terrasteel


  1. Pathfinder
  2. Scout
  3. Tracker
  4. Stalker
  5. Shadowrunner
  6. Master Tracker


  1. Snarer
  2. Capturer
  3. Trapper
  4. Binder
  5. Ensnarer
  6. Master Trapper


  1. Gatherer
  2. Extractor
  3. Harvester
  4. Reclaimer
  5. Salvager
  6. Master Harvester


  1. Vanquisher
  2. Guardian
  3. Slayer
  4. Exterminator
  5. Annihilator
  6. Master Slayer

Hunters Quest Example

Hunter Quest by Midjourney

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