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Trigger Warning: Mentions of Gore, Death, Horror, etc.

Radio Transmission #QK21 - Left Sensless
Help... please help. If there ever was a god, let there be someone to hear this. I am dying. It took my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my skin even. Soon enough my voice will be gone as well... I'm not asking for life, I'm just asking for this to end.
— MIA Adventurer

Loss of Sense - #QK01

Bloomflower Soulweaver here, this is an emergency! I located the missing soldiers, they are alive! However, their eyesockets are empty, their ears are cut off and, oh god, the skin on their hands is gone. They aren't able to speak, but whatever is out there must not hunt to kill, but hunt to feel joy!

Horrific Features

Appendix #1: This text was comprised of an interview with a victim that retended their voice and hearing during the incident.
Thinking back, it still hurts, you know? The only reason I am sitting here is because it made me watch what was soon to be done to me. It can speak, you know? It spoke about all the fucked up things it is about to do and laughs during the act, with a voice both childishly sweet and devilshly deep. It looked like a puppet, sown together with whatever hide or cloth its creator had lying around. It had this childish dirty dress on, which was then already full of my comrades blood. Its face looked more like a mask than anything else. The mouth was losely sown shut but the smile and the yellowed teeth behind the stitches were horrifying beyond anything my eyes had ever seen. Coincidentally, it was also the last thing my eyes had ever seen.

Predatorial Hunts - #QK09

Here Powerwire, we're being chased! Whatever it is, it's fast. We're sprinting through the Foreverglades unliberated northwestern front and it just swings itself from branch to branch, laughing while chasing us down. Our scouts still have some steam left in them but we are far from any troops. Jake, our Slaughterer is missing, probably dead because he tried to fight it. Even though I almost know he's dead. I can hear his encouraging voice, screaming at us to fight, and that we can win. I am at a loss of what to do, but at this point, fighting might be the only option left for us.
Scientific Name
Homo Obscura Sensorapina
Average Height
160cm or 5'2ft
Geographic Distribution
Oh, little one. Your skin looks so pretty. And your beautiful cherry blossom eyes. I can't wait to wear all of you. I will become the most beautiful girl in the world! What, no screaming? Oh right, I forgot. I took that cute voice of yours already.
— Quietkind


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