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Theodore Justice

Grand Cleric Theodore "Teddy" Justice is a human priest of Nimic, one of the 16 highest ranking priests in the Church of Harmony, and the leader of the Grand Temple of Nimic in the Archonate. Known for his expertise in ritualistic magic, leadership abilities, and extreme wanderlust, he has been appointed by the Archon to lead the Cadenar Expedition.

Early life

Justice was born in Birden Bay in the Duchy of Geraham, Gardelinden, on the 11th of Evenfall, 2086 PGE. His parents being devout followers of the Church of Harmony took it as a holy sign that he was born on the offering day to Nimic, and started arranging for a theological education even before he could speak.

Starting his priestly education in 2100 PGE at The Archon’s University of Theology, Teddy was mostly alone in his class, as Nimicism isn't all too popular. This did however mean that he always had the full attention of his teachers at all times. He powered through his lectures in a mere three years before gaining a lucrative apprenticeship in the Grand Temple of Nimic. Further specializing in the practical use of necromancy and rituals, he gained the title of magister in 2106.

Seeing little action in the temple due to a lack of worshipers, Teddy started wandering around in the Archonate, visiting people and other temples, not to preach but to listen. Learning a great deal about the world around him, he holds an opinion to this day that you learn more about yourself and your own faith by learning about others and their faith. Wandering further away from his temple, he would eventually leave the city once per year to go to places he had never been before.

The wanderer

Theodore traveled far and wide in his 30's. He went to experience every faith and culture found on Gardemoor. He wandered the Desert of Kalir with the Mazi-Sadina, had a short career as a war-priest for the Reavers in Gorlovoye, and experienced every dwarven trade in Ortal. Later on he left the continent too and observed the chaotic pirate free-havens on Lowe, the halfling cultures of Aso, and the ancient religious practices of Hua Yan Spiritism in Lao-Hua.

Nimicism teaches you that the Void awaits all who dies. There may be a proxy afterlife, but sooner or later you'll end up in the Void. As Teddy saw more of the joys the world had to offer, he concluded that nimicism was wrong. There had to be more to both life and death. His faith was tested. Having seen all the good life had to offer, it was time to explore the bad.

Justice went to Puchov in 2127, a town on Cravv that was known to be a cursed ghost town after an "incident" in 2120. The "incident" had left the town in partial ruin, and the people there were left on their own to fight off alleged monsters appearing at nightfall. The source of the monsters was Anath, the ghost of a drenov slaver that had been killed by Scab Grimsaw. Too angry to move on to the afterlife, Anath started haunting Puchov, and aided by the Avatar of Misery he was able to summon forth aberrations that would to terrorize the town for seven years. Theodore at this point being a master of ritualistic magic managed to seal away the ghost in a dream, but not before learning of a much greater danger: An entire empire of Misery-worshiping-drenovi living in the underdark of Cravv.

Underdark hardships

Overwhelmed with curiosity, and maybe a bit of fear, the thought of exploring a civilization built on Misery worship could perhaps bring him the insights to life and death he felt was missing, as all other places he had explored were centered around Harmony. Feeling up for a one-man-crusade, Teddy located an underdark entrance in the Puchov mountains, and started his descent into the unknown.

The descending tunnel, unbeknownst to Theodore, was filled with psychological horrors meant to tear down the mental defenses of potential slaves. Being alone on his journey, no one could point out his changing mindset to him, and a sense of doom and hopelessness fell upon him. Upon reaching the first settlement, Ereb Cesciyb, his mind was already in such disarray that he could not bare the thought of exploring any more, and promptly hid in the sewers for what must have been several days.

Following behind the footsteps of Justice, being only a week behind by the time they arrived in Puchov, the unfortunately named Shitstains-Party were also looking into the Drenovi settlement. Eventually they found Teddy in the sewers, nudging him back into a manageable mental state. The Shitstains and Justice ended up thrashing the settlement together, believing Misery to be a blight upon the world. Still feeling like his faith was failing him, Teddy regained his beliefs when he observed the Shitstains using a holy relic, the Needle of Nimic, to banish a priestess of Cesciyb to the Void.

With his spirits restored, he returned to the Archonate for some peace and quiet.


Upon his return, Teddy learnt of the Grand Cleric of Nimic's death, and that he had been named his successor. Now being known as Grand Cleric, and having proven that he is capable of fighting Misery directly, the Archon suggested him to lead the Cadenar Expedition, putting his adventurous nature to good use.
Current Status
Preparing for the Cadenar Expedition
Current Location
Date of Birth
11th of Evenfall, 2086 PGE
Aligned Organization

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I really enjoyed everything about this. His story's compelling, the art is super cool, and I liked (I'm not sure if you did it intentionally) only realizing he was a D&D NPC like halfway through; it made me laugh and reminded me of my own D&D group.

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Thank you, glad to have invoked some good feelings! I like to make characters that exist whether I have player characters in my world or not, it makes them feel more real when I eventually use them as an NPC in my games!

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