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Quiet World

The Quiet World is the domain of the Silence, god of sleep and silence. It appears as a collection of colorful clouds floating on an eternal night sky where stars shine bright. Below the night sky there appears to be an endless ocean, but no matter how far down you go, the ocean seemingly cannot be reached.

Each cloud in the sky represents a single dream, and all dreams has a small chance of manifesting as a truths, meaning that any buildings, lands, or creatures someone dream about might gain a permanent existence within the Quiet world.

According to Silence the Quiet World is its own plane of existence existing parallel to all other planes. It is not known how exactly this would work, but seems to hold some truth, as interplanar travel with the Quiet World as a pit stop takes far less effort than travelling directly between planes.
Alternative Name(s)
the Dream World, the Silent Place
Dimensional plane


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