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Cravv Isles

The Cravv Isles is a large island surrounded by many smaller islands, just east of Gardemoor. It is considered by the natives to be the original homelands of gnomes, though this is disputed by gnomes on other continents. Previously a part of the Gardemoor Empire, it is now part of Gardelinden. Due to this the isles are referred to as a part of the continent Gardemoor, despite having a landmass large enough to be its own continent.

The rule over the isles is largely disorganized. There are some places called baronies, some called petty kingdoms. Some cities claim to be city-states, some villages are ruled in a more tribal way. The clear lack of local leadership has made Gardelinden law hard to uphold, which has in turn made some places on the isles a safe haven for criminals.



Not much history is recorded from before the empire claimed the isles for themselves. One story can be disputed and have different versions from one village to the other, some settlements tell tales of grandeur that is more than likely to be folkstories, some towns have had simply no interest in keeping records. Because of this, the pre-imperial Cravv has little more than mythic origins with no particular accurate historic details.

Some things are undisputed, such as the fact that the gnomes were the first sapients to arrive/evolve on the isles. Probably.
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