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Grand is a title used in Gardelinden given to those who have shown remarkable prowess in their line of work over a longer period of time. The title is never used on its own, but rather as a sort of prefix to be added to an already existing title or occupation. While in theory you could have titles like "Grand Carpenter" or "Grand Fisherman," the title is normally (but not exclusively) reserved for nobility, scholars, or governmental occupations.

Giving the title of "grand" to someone is reserved to the Archon, the dukes of Gardelinden, or the grand clerics.

The two most common titles to add "grand" to are Magister and Cleric.

Grand Magister
A grand magister is a scholar, usually a professor or faculty leader within a place of higher education, that has made a significant discovery in their field of expertise, or has led a class of particularly talented students. One example is Grand Magister Strigoi Ockritus Grandovic, an alchemist and zoologist that has made significant improvements to the process of making health potions, reducing potentially fatal risks during the making and consumption of said potion.
Grand Cleric
A grand cleric is usually head of a grand temple, of which there are 16 in total, one for each god within the Church of Harmony. To be a grand cleric, one must be outstandingly devout to one's patron god, while at the same time work well along with all worshipers of the church. Being wise and charismatic are essential qualities to have. It is common that a grand cleric chose a successor that will be given the "grand"-title upon the former's abdication or death.
Significance of "grand"
Throughout the history of Gardemoor one can see an overuse of the word "grand:" grand temples, grand monuments, grand titles, grand recipes, and so on and so forth. Disregarding one hypothesis that it may be a lack of creativity on the side of the fine people of Gardelinden, linguists suggests that in the early stages of the common tongue, "grand" was the only word available to describe something "better than good" in only one word. As the language evolved into gardian, more synonyms came to be. "Grand" is therefore mostly used today to describe old things, or things related to honor and tradition.

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