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Reavers are a group of dwarves dedicated to protecting civilization from the threat of goblins. Though the organization has many civillian members, those who become proper reavers are granted the gift of blood magic by the god Arbas.

Practically, Gorlovoye is run by reavers. The highest ranking member of the reavers is granted title of king and oversees the management of the country.  


It is believed that the legendary hero Ortal and his men on their quest to drive the goblins away from dwarven lands had prayed to the god of righteous sacrifice, Arbas, before his departure. Ortal did not think he would live through his mission, whether it was successful or not, so he asked Arbas for power and strength to make the most out of his sacrifice. And Arbas responded:
"The more of these wretched creatures you kill, the stronger you will be. The more you stain the stone with their blood, the longer you will endure. The more of the beasts you reave, the longer your people will be safe. I grant to you the marks of sacrifice, your body is now a weapon, your skin is now a shield."
  Marks, like tattoos, then covered Ortal's body, marks that with a sacrifice of blood could be used for magic. Ortal then created a ritual to grant these marks unto his fellow soldiers, a ritual that is to this day kept mostly secret from the uninitiated. Thus the first reavers were created.

When the dwarves later surfaced and met the humans of the Gardemoor Empire, the people there were under constant attacks by hordes of goblins. The reavers, now a larger organized force, were granted the region of Gorlov (Gorlovoye today) to govern in exchange for keeping the goblin threat at bay.
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