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Goblinoids are a group of closely related humanoids. Mostly considered to be feral, aggressive and unintelligent, there are numerous efforts and organizations on the Gardemoor continent dedicated to protect civilization from hordes of these creatures. Most notable are the Reavers in the kingdom of Gorlovoye.


Most goblinoids have a typical humanoid shape. Their skin tones varies in different shades of green and brown. Their skin is rough and often covered with scars from their aggressive lifestyle. Their appearance is generally described as unpleasant or even repulsive by other races. Other than that, there are huge variations from subspecies to subspecies. Their heights can range from 3 to 8 feet. Some races barely grow any hair, while others are covered in fur. Some are muscular and rely on brute strength, while others are smaller and more nimble and agile.

Types of Goblinoids

~ 40 years
Geographic Distribution

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