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Hua Yan Spiritism

Hua Yan Spiritism is the most prominent religion on the Akroasian continent, with the exception of Aso that have embraced the Church of Harmony. Simplified, the core beliefs revolve around the existance of spirits, both minor and greater, good and evil, that help guide or misguide mortals in the natural life. Those who lead good lives will be brought to the eternal skies, a place where they would need no guidance and be well regardless of circumstance. Those who live a life of evil, however, are said to be plagued by the evil spirits of old, and shall be tormented in both life and afterlife.

In Lao-Hua it is believed that the emperors take on aspects of of mighty, god-like spirits that rule over primal elements and can control all beasts. It is custom when a new emperor is crowned that he announces what elemental spirit he is representing in a lengthy speech. Most commonly the new emperor announces that he is the incarnation of fire (which in northern and eastern cultures would correspond to the primordial dragon Khorokh Krai), but some few will proclaim to hold spirits of air, earth, radiance, shadow, steel (metal), or water.
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