Once a tiny hamlet hidden away from the world, Meadowbrook has boomed into a village. Founded by the remnants and allies of the Copper Companions in 1265 after the fall of King Harlan III at the end of the War of Heralds, Meadowbrook has become a haven for many of the outcasts and refugees as well as the new home for the tribe of horse riders known as the Dwains. The hamlet was a large catalyst for the beginning of the current Kessian civil war after they defeated Ser Justine Drake in the late fall of 1278 to end the three day siege of Meadowbrook.

Ample food stores, clever administration, plenty of trade from the Blue Clover Trading Co. and plenty of skilled labor has caused Meadowbrook to thrive as it has grown in population. The Temple of Asha provides shelter to the needy and food and medicine to all and the smithies of Belda Mossenstone, Joleyana Fields, and Gar Ayntine-Jontz'en provide extremely high quality tools and armaments.