Daryll Jontz'en

As the eldest shaman of the Dwains, Daryll is very influential in the tribe. Daryll is very spiritual and looks for omens and signs of portent in everything he sees. That being said, he is not prone to hysterics even if the omen is a bad one. He has a hard demeanor forged by a hard life in the wilds. Daryll is frequently called “Old Dwain” by the tribe.     Daryll is old for a barbarian, even an elder of the shamans, in his early 80’s. He has dark sun-tanned skin that is rough like leather with a long braided grey beard. He is bald but typically wears a large grey hooded fur cloak. While he is very tall, standing at 7’2 when standing straight, his posture has become poor as he ages and he walks hunched with an ornately carved walking stick and stands closer to 6’0. His eyes are dark red and he has a thin scar from his forehead down to his chin.     Daryll is very serious and does not always respond to jokes. He is used to a life of constant conflict with neighboring barbarian tribes and has not yet fully accepted the ease of life provided to him by his alliance with Archmagis Pudd’Nillius (or Pudd'N for short). He is very interested in the people of Meadowbrook but has not yet fully accepted them either. He is quick to take action in tense situations despite his advanced age and always seems to have a plan. When asked how he comes up with them he simply replies that he read the omens. To the Dwains he represents the old ways and the wisdom of Gaia.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Date of Birth
16th of Juno
Year of Birth
1201 EM 81 Years old
Terrvoi Plains
Current Residence
tired, dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
leathery, dark tan
225 lbs.