Aileen deBeltane

Aileen deBeltane is a local enchantress that lives in Meadowbrook. She is forceful, hot-tempered, and incredibly charismatic. Aileen runs Meadowbrook's enchanting shop with her friend, Una Lyvecraft, another enchantress that resides in Meadowbrook. She is the mother of famous revolutionaries, Aidan deBeltane. She is resentful of how magic users were treated following the Burning of Lundenwic, though she has found solace in the community of Meadowbrook and her husband, Aodghan.    

Personal History

Aileen grew up with very little. She was born in the alleys of Farron to a poor, loving mother who struggled to find enough food for them both and often went hungry for long periods of time so Aileen could eat. As soon as Aileen was old enough to read books, she was fascinated by them and read every time she got the chance. Reading took her mind off the world, the hunger, and distracted her from what she had to endure living without a guarantee of a roof over her head every night. A kind, local printer would let Aileen read misprints and old pamphlets and she would often go there to watch him work. It was by chance that one night outside this printing shop that she found a discarded leather satchel that contained a spell book. Aileen was able to decipher the strange language some how and was shocked by the fact that she was actually capable of casting magic, though she knew this must be kept secret or the book would be taken. (TBC)
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Date of Birth
9th of Septem
Year of Birth
1236 EM 46 Years old
narrow, brown
curly, braided, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
warm, soft-beige
154 lbs.