Cress Rak

Cress was born under the sign of the Hoove, a constellation recognized by the Dwains. Because of this she was granted the title of Daughter of Hooves at birth and it proved to be an accurate prophecy. Since a young age Cress has had an affinity for beasts of all kinds, but particularly horses. Cress was instrumental in forging the alliance that made the Dwains safe. She is very open with the people of Meadowbrook, contrasting widely with Daryll Jontz'en. Currently Cress is in charge of the newly built stable and is doing her best to incorporate the people of Meadowbrook and learn their ways.     Cress is a young adult, short for a Dwain at 6’1, but still more muscular than most humans. She has pale green skin with short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears simple brown leather armor with a blue horseshoe design on the breast. She wears a cloak made of heavy brown fur.     She has a personality that contrasts with Daryll, bright and sunny and quick to crack a joke. She is thrilled to bring their tribe out of the wild lands to such a comparatively stable environment. She does not consider herself to be very strong and as a result is often shocked when dealing with jabronis from outside the tribe who are weaker than her or can't handle the strength of her animals. She is very good at her job and loves it, but is curious about the people of the world and desires to one day travel the world and see all the new things there are to discover.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
25th of May
Year of Birth
1254 EM 28 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born under the sign of the Hoove
Terrvoi Plains
Current Residence
rounded, brown
short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
coarse, pale green
185 lbs.