Gaia Verim

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Long ago, a great conflict between the gods decimated the continent of Veridia, obliterating most of the Confederation of Shalzumai and reducing the Ventruvian Imperium to a shred of its former power. Worse yet, the former lands of Maceletesh and Patra were corrupted by necrotic influence, leading the former to become a desolate area of city states known as the Grey Plains. Solirus, the greatest city state of Patra, gave into the unholy doctrine of undeath, transforming their population into mindless husks and abominations. The once glorious City of Pharaohs is now controlled by the League of Teh'lish, a ghastly alliance controlled by patrons of the Shadowfel. This event is known as The Cataclysm.   To the west, many of the Elves have returned to their continent of Caliadea while the Trinity of Baelia has fallen to pieces after the Deep Dwarves declared independence, leaving the dwarven nations, the Tribes of Ulna and the Kingdom of Verdoon, to conflict over who shall control Throne of Katyusa. The nations of man have likewise fallen into civil chaos as the nations which united under High King Izleoth Eerl, a former High General of the Ventruvian Imperial Army, have engaged in a seemingly endless war for dominance over each other. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of L'yon has also declared independence from the Imperium under Affan Ziyad. In the Terrvoi Plains west of L'yon, the Orcish Kinship of Dozmogh Laz now echoes with the sounds of war after the murder of High Chief Uvogin by his traitorous brother, Kalish Mogarr.   From the husk of the Confederation of Shalzumai, the kingdoms of Nates, Quanu, Xila, and Cali have emerged, forming the Alliance of Qigesh to protect themselves from the unearthly horrors that loom in the Jungles of Unzi as well as the League of Teh'lish to the north. Isolated from their western allies in L'yon, their strong navy gives them a fighting chance against the constant threats surrounding them. While the alliance holds fast against the forces of evil, whispers of deceit and dark infiltrators fill the streets and palaces. Surrounded by enemies and with limited support, the Alliance of Qiqesh fight with all they have in hopes of one day restoring their shattered confederation.   The Petty Kingdoms of Ragnar on the isle of Y'Sven continue life as they always have. Life on Y'Sven has always been full of peril from the start, so the destructive conflict brought on by the Gods phased them little. Their lands still remain cold, infertile, and filled with threats, both nature and otherworldly. However, with the disappearance of the Storm Giants, the Hill Giants to the West and the Ice Giants north have both begun to grow restless with each passing century.   The Ventruvian Imperium, which once stretched from the Terrvoi Plains to the city states of Patra, now struggles remain in control their grand capitol of Venii, let alone what is outside their great walls. Ever since the bloody riot that took place during The Cataclysm that left the Outer Sanctum in ruins, the Imperial Rulers have never been able to regain their former glory. The combination of failed military efforts and decaying leadership has lead to constant unrest. Venii, the City of Millions, is a graveyard of broken buildings and crumbled ambitions, a constant reminder of the price the Imperium has paid for its past. Doomsayers fill their streets, as well as the forgotten and abandoned people of the Lower Districts, bringing civil discontent to a boiling point as riots threaten to reclaim the city once more.