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Garb is a general term for clothing, armor, and Raiments.   There are many logistic concerns around garb, especially concerning retrofitting garb between Sophonts.
You humans take it for granted, but do you know how what a goddamn logistic nightmare it is to outfit a platoon for the Pact? It's the worst. You'll have 40 Ka, 20 Parisan, 15 @hiserabi and 2 Ral-Mi and they'll send you 60 outfits for Khirmagne and 20 for Nasyk.   Don't even get me started on the shoes situation.
Pact Field Outfitter

Types of Garb


Standard streetwear—cloth with little or no mobility inhibition and with only a moderate, common utility.


Adventurer or military wear—armored, often with many other Components for advanced utility.


An optional mechanic for sticklers of realism.
Whenever you gain new clothes or a Raiment, have the Narrator decide the Sophont the garb was made for. Humans, Sazashi, and Verin all have unique heads and feet, and Sazashi need room for their tails.   You will need to do a Project to fit the clothing.
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