Feb. 2019: The Road Ahead

The Monthly Ethnis Update by Barron and Ademal

Ethnis Lite TTRPG Alpha is Live!

Ethnis Lite Alpha is now live! Join the Discord for more information!

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Ethnis takes home the accolades!

The World Ember awards Ceremony was a blast!   Ethnis took home its share of awards—such as the Best World of 2018, as voted by World Anvil users! Thank you all so much! The Circle of Ozahn won first place for Best Organization, the Sixth Flavor took third for Technology, and the Audient Void took second place for Myth/Legend.   We were proud to compete and can't be more proud of the community.
We look forward to being there next year, next time as a sponsor!

A Resolution Met!

Unlike our personal resolutions of more sleep and better eating, Ethnis New Year's Resolutions are already being marked off!   The Ethnis Studios Twitch account has hit affiliate! While we are still setting up all the basics, know that we plan to continue streaming often! We had a ton of fun with it, and being able to interact with you guys while we write has been extremely motivating for us.   With Affiliate comes the ability to gain subscribers and gather donations—any money we make from Twitch will be going right back into Ethnis development!  


One of our tasks this month was to make a roadmap of our plans for this year. We have packaged some of these as a series of updates, but there are other goals outside of just development that we're aiming for as well.  

Written Content Updates

Which will appear on World Anvil

Banner Update (1st Quarter)

The dragon is not yet slain, but it is not long for this world. The Banners have been the largest and most intense articles to write in Ethnis. They tie together the entire concept and warrant the creation of so many other articles. Progress on this has been great, expect to see them finished soon!

Technology Update (2nd Quarter)

We are excited for this one! This will be all about making the technology of Ethnis to make it cohesive, sensible, and exciting. This also affects the RPG update, as one of the features of the RPG is the ability to craft just about anything.

Figurehead Update

This one will focus on the big names of Ethnis which recur in articles over and over again—Dirge, Anthem, Desire, The Somnolent, Digger, and so forth. This will help contextualize and tell many stories going forward, and will also personify the Banners!


One story is almost done, the other is halfway through manuscript, and the other is soon to begin. This year we aim to release: The Encore of Proudly Sung, Ethnis Eats, and The Hive!

Art Commissions

These are underway, and as the Patreon grows we'll see even more turnaround on art commissions. So far our experience with an artist we're talking to is great, and we hope to commission them plenty in the future!

Other Plans

Beyond World Anvil

Ethnis merchandise

We want to make these as demand for them is made, rather than as we'd like to see, but at the very least we plan to get ourselves some Ethnis shirts, and would love to put them up for you to grab too.

We will also make Ethnis playmats for people to use with the RPG to help organize their rounds and hands.

Twitch Affiliate

We made affiliate! The next step is the setup itself! This goes deeper than it looks, and dives deep into setting up more of the business aspect of Ethnis! It's been exciting and a little nerve wracking.

Social Media Presence

Reddit, Twitter, DeviantArt, Twitch, and Facebook are all fronts we are exploring with Ethnis.

Follow the ones you use and keep an eye out for content updates!

The Ethnis RPG

The giant project which underpins it all.

The Great Migration

We have got 70 pages of RPG mechanics to port over from GDocs! Once we've got a sizeable chunk ported over, we will enable the next tier of the Patreon, which will allow you to see that content!

Ethnis Light

Since much of Ethnis is created as a setting, we will be drafting Ethnis Light—a fudge-based RPG system for running Ethnis games. It will be very compact, but a perfect option for those who want to dive into Ethnis now while they wait for the main RPG.

The Next Iteration

All of our other updates this year pour back into the RPG. There's a lot done, but a lot more to do, and we aim to have most of the RPG done this year as we knock out those other major updates in tandem!

Roleplay Channels

Once the Master Tier is available we will roll-out roleplay channels in the discord for Masters+.

These channels will be for Ethnis Light games to acclimate you to Ethnis and teach you how to run your own Light games.

Roleplays on the Ethnis Discord will be run by the devs, Regents, or fans who show a grasp of the system and lore.

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How you can help

There's high costs associated with a project like Ethnis in terms of art, business fees, promotion, and production. It boils down to time and money, and we can always use help with both.

Tell your friends about us and subscribe to us on Patreon, and we will put your efforts to good use!

We are going to make Ethnis no matter what, but the love and resources given to us by our fans drives us and makes Ethnis a reality sooner.

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How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!

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