Dirge is the fabled heart of the House of Sorrows. To some she is its clandestine leader, to others she's the spiritual epitome to strive for. Whether they think she's real or metaphorical, most Sorrows seek her in some way.

The Lady of Limbo

Uncertain Birth

Dirge's existence is uncertain. All tales of her are wild myth, secondhand prophecy, and fearful postulation. The reality of her existence hinges on a few firsthand accounts and hundreds of years of theorizing, but the certainty of the few and the hope of the many has catapulted her from a possibility to a certainty in the eyes of many.

Dark Mother

The prevailing notion of Dirge's goal is that she will return to finish Brood's work—she will eliminate the rule of the Sovereigns and the elitism of the Monoliths. Some believe she will take this further, and eliminate all but the innocent; the innocent are typically considered to be children who aren't yet old enough to speak and be corrupted by their parents.
The greatest Sorrow is we must help bring her world to fruition, but are too corrupted by history, our upbringing, and our own pain to deserve a place in it.
— A Sorrows

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The House of Sorrows
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Outside of her supposed cameo in this footage, nobody has seen Dirge. She is typically depicted as a nude Faeo (the same race as Brood) with elegant, elongated features and horns that are always growing and changing shape. She is depicted as either pure white or pure black, and radiates glowing white light.

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