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That Fated Dirge

Written by Ademal

That Fated Dirge is a tale told among the Sorrows. There are almost as many variants as there are families, but all tell of the return of Dirge—the mother of the Sorrows and the song that will end the world.
Dirge will return, and with her shall bring a new age of Harrowing. She'll adopt all the children of all the worlds and take them as her own, raising them to believe in THE TRUTH.
" you think Dirge will return?" Jenta asked, looking up at her mother. Her eyes were wide—fearful and excited at the same time. The correct way to revere Dirge.   "I think she will," her mother said, voice soft, almost somber.   "I don't want her to!" Jenta cried, throwing her arms around her mother's waist and burying her face against her side. "I don't want her to take you away!"   "Ooohh I'm here for you. But she would be a better mother than I, she can bring true peace to this universe, and true understanding. It is only through speaking to and through the innocent that she'll be able to secure a future of peace. I cannot stay behind for that, for my very presence would be a corruption on that peace.   What her mother didn't say was that even Jenta was too old for Dirge to leave as well...


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Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 17

Describe the tales in your world designed to make naughty children behave.

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