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The Ethnis Hub is the central development, lore, and feedback server for all things Ethnis. There you can meet with the developers and long-time players and fans of Ethnis who will happily talk about the setting and draw you in.   Come and join us!

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Ethnis Hub Server Overview


Staff Roles

Granted only by Admin


The developers of the Ethnis-related projects. Colored after the sun and spokes of the Wheel.


Moderators. Keepers of the peace. Approach them if you have any issues. Their color is that of the Champion, for they stand for The Cause.


Users who have developed additional content helpful Ethnis. Their color is that of the Monarch, for they help guide the direction of The Cause.


Those who help introduce to the world to Ethnis. Their color is that of the Hierophant, for they spread the word of The Cause.


Administrators of the Discord. They oversee bots, roles, and channels. Their color is that of the Tower, for they observe The Cause.

Cosmetic Roles

Useable by anyone

What are these?

Choose a Banner to side with! This may later be used for server events but is also an excuse for fun rivalry!   We also like to ask Banner members for feedback on articles related to their Banner! They are usually most invested in it!
Introduction to The Banners
Generic article | Sep 6, 2020

Honorary Roles

Granted only by Admin

What are these?

Honorary roles are flavored based on The Archive, and are granted based on friendship and years the person has spent with Ethnis.
The Archive
Organization | Sep 27, 2020

Knowledge is Power; Caution is Survival

Possible Ranks


Regent Members who have been with Ethnis for years. Grants Prodigy access to the Codex.
Chancellor For longtime friends who have been with Ethnis since the Alpha. Grants Master access to the Codex.
Archivist For staff on the server. Grants Adept access to the codex.
Academic For friendly faces on the server. Grants access to self-promo channels.

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