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The Circle of Ozahn

A society of hunters and protectors; their practice is ancient and their quarries uncountable.

We are above beasts. We are the Hunt. We fear no quarry.

— Letomont Proverb

The Circle of Ozahn is an ancient hunting society. They are a group of renown hunters who serve as protectors, mercenaries, adventurers, and conquerors. No beast is too daunting for the Circle to hunt, no risk too great. They maintain their dominance over nature's fiercest predators.

The Goal of All Hunters

Hundreds of trophies under my belt. My pack of twelve has fed from my bow alone for years.

Yes, I have heard of the Circle of Ozahn, but I never expected to find the Schaeus arrow in my kill.

There is no greater honor. I will find you, Letomont Mara.

— Prospective Ilaru of Black Canyon

The Calling

To be called to join the Circle is a great honor. They recruit from only the most accomplished hunters. A Letomont will tail a Prospective, watching their deeds until deciding to send an offer. An offer is made by landing a arrow of pure Schaeus in the Prospective's next quarry. On the arrow, the name of the offering Letomont is engraved.

Hunting the Hunter

If the Prospective understands the meaning of the arrow, then begins the hunt for the Letomont. If they catch their Letomont and return the arrow, they will be brought to the nearest Lodge to be initiated. This hunt can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Once the Letomont departs the planet, the Prospective has failed. Whether or not the Letomont returns to try again is their choice.

The Initiation

When the Prospective enters the Lodge for the first time, they will partake in their first hunt. They join their Letemont as a pair, known as a Fanged hunt, to take down a beast. This gives the Letemont a chance to see how they cooperate and hunt from a closer perspective. Depending on the success of the hunt, the Prospective then becomes a Letemont.

The Upbringing

The new Letomonts is instilled with both the skills and the Values of the Circle of Ozahn. They learn techniques honed over thousands of years. They learn to protect those who protect themselves, and grow closer to the thrill of the hunt. Letomonts are expected to find their own Prospectives so they can pass down their learnings, and to share their knowledge with other Letomonts.


The First Hunt

A trial as old as the Circle, an ancient ritual. I spent weeks in the rugged wilderness hunting for Mara.

She was deserving of her title, I give her that. I always felt her eyes upon me, but I could not catch the wily huntress.

It was a thundering night when my devious tree snare finally caught her. So glorious was the whip of the snare and the howl of her distress, I knew she was mine.

— Prospective Ilaru

The Circle of Ozahn can trace its roots back over ten thousand years to a time of turmoil for the Verin people. They were just attempting to colonize the mainland of Jhoutai. The poor masses of Verin holding to their coastal towns were picked off like rats by a massive pack of Sazakraht lead by a monstrous alpha.

This alpha, the size of two Verin stacked atop each other, took hundreds of lives to sate its own voracious hunger. Ozahn the Trapper, who had lost his wife and all but his eldest son to this beast, decided to do what no other had done: he was to slay the beast. He would conquer nature as no other Verin could do. And so, he began The First Hunt.

The hunt was an epic that lasted a month. Ozahn and his son rode out with bows in hand. They tracked the beast, baited him, lured him into trap after trap. After whittling the beast down with traps, they finished it off with two arrows fired simultaneously. Ozahn punctured the beast's neck, his son the lung. The village celebrated the kill, feasting on the carcass of the beast for days.

With the revenge for their village sated, Ozahn and his son spent the rest of their lives to ensure a beast could no longer strangle the Verin into submission. They established the Circle of Ozahn and its practices based on their first hunt. The pair had gone on the first Fanghunt. They constructed the first Lodge. Through their exploits, they taught dozens of the first Letomont how to hunt previously insurmountable beasts. To this day, many Letomont bear a symbol of that legendary hunt. Some wear a Sazakraht fang on a necklace, some wear bands of Sazakraht talons around their wrist; the first Sazashi Letomont replaced his tusks with a Sazakraht's.

No Frontier Untouched

The Circle of Ozahn still thrives. They are affiliated with the Verin Haimarchy, and work with colonists and enthusiasts to hunt and secure superiority over beasts. They are one of the few Haimarchy organizations that hold all Sophont under equal rights. The ability to hunt outweighs the history of the Banners; power and respect comes from your trophy room instead of your bloodline.

If there is a frontier that lies untamed, the Circle of Ozahn is there, bringing it to heel.

A Hunter's Code

There is no fixed hierarchy in the Circle; the name of the Circle itself is a reference to this. A circle has no top. Instead, the Circle abides by a set of simple traditions and honoraries.

To the astonishment of historians, these traditions have perpetuated through the millennia.

The head of the hunt

The honorary term for the hosts of events, or seasoned hunters. It is derived from the term for hunter (Leto), and the term for leader (Kenda).

An established hunter

The universal title for people accepted into the fold of the Circle. They are accomplished hunters who have all felled great beasts. A Letomont often holds their own Lodges, hunts, and Contests.

Lifted from the pool of predators

Prospectives are hunters that can come from any walk of life. They are chosen by a Letomont. Prospectives are tracked and evaluated over the course of weeks before being given the Calling.

The Circle's Outposts

Every Letomont owns a Lodge ranging from an unassuming hut to a luxurious mansion. In their Lodge, a Letomont hosts Moots and Contests, receives messages from other Circle members, or simply relaxes on their own turf.

For the prey too big for one

Named after the two massive fangs bottoming a Sazakraht's jaws, a Fang is a pair of Letomonts working together take down a beast. This tradition is a callback to the first hunt of Ohzan and his son.

A gathering of skills

Competitions of survival and sharpshooting held at the Lodge of a Letomont. These affairs are often attended by other Letomonts, Nobles, and enthusiasts alike.

An exciting occasion

A great hunt consisting of many other Letomonts and lead by a Letokenda. These are called in severe circumstances, such as a super predator or a predator invasion.

RPG Content
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My first Fanghunt with Mara solidified my place among the greatest. We spent a month on Fenu-Tri, searching for the Tempestasa.

We found it in a week, it took us three to take it down. Just like the legend of the First Hunt, two arrows flew true. When I walked up to see the clean puncture of the beast's neck, I knew I had found my place. Perhaps I will make my Lodge on this planet.

— Letomont Ilaru


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2 Dec, 2018 07:17

Clean, concise and informative. Read beautifully on PC and mobile. Simple yet memorable insignia (very clearly associated with Verin). Perhaps my favorite bit was the short story conveyed through well-placed quotes. Overall, the article was a paragon of perfection through simplicity. As for questions, I have plenty. None that can be answered here, but which must be answered.   Tell me more about the sorrows of Ozahn and his son and their struggles through the month long hunt of the Beast that terrorized their village. Tell me the story of Ilaru and Mara who brought down the mighty Tempestas from her aerial domain or of how the fist Sazashi Letomont won his tusks. Give me stories of the Greatest Letokenda and most tragic Fang. I'm eager to listen.

4 Dec, 2018 15:07

Thank you Dream! That was a flattering comment that took me a few days to figure out how to answer.   I really would like to expand all the stories I introduce here eventually. But I will certainly be telling a story of Mara just to get more of this organization out there! Thank you so much for reading and the flattery!

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Wow. Just wow.   I really could see what your words are drawing here and the article looks very professional. Just one question bugs me: How do you decide to make a circle out of a revenge? I would love some more background about Ozahn and his son. I understand that they want to hunt what killed their families, but it sounded like they created the circle meatless to that action.   Sorry for my confused English. Sitting on the train on my mobile and had a rough day. If somethings unclear of my words, please feel free to ask. :)   And: I love it. :)

4 Dec, 2018 19:03

I appreciate all the kind words and the like!   Based on some feedback I've gotten now, I think I need to reword that. Essentially the idea with the creation of the circle was to prevent things like this happening again.   So they had this problem with the Sazakraht killing so many, that when they finally did kill it, they would create this 'organization' to ensure that the Verin were no longer left defenseless against beasts so massive that they were previously insurmountable!   I'll do a quick edit and it should hopefully clear it right up.   Great question and again that you for the love.

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I thank you for the quick answer! And: You're very welcome. Great work earns great recognition. :)

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--Barron::Its another great article! The amount of information is just right, and the stories were engaging and made me want to read more.   I'm a tad confused by the part about the Letomont selecting their protege, though. Is it basically a kill-steal? How have some hunters reacted to that negatively? Also, are all of the Letomonts Verin? You mentioned that hunting skill was more important than bloodline, so can anybody become a Letomont?

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4 Dec, 2018 19:23

Hey! Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!   So for your questions, it is essentially a mark or a challenge. The Letomont stalks the Prospective, and either marks or steals the kill as a way to get the Prospectives attention. The Negative aspect of having a kill stolen is mostly outweighed by the invitiation to join the Circle of Ozahn.   And I do specifically say that a Sazashi Letomont has occured under the history of the hunt. So yes, it is more than possible for any Sophont to become a Letomont. It's about the skill of the hunt, rather than the shape of head.   Cheers for the questions!

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I love the way its all laid out and you don't leave much out or rely on information in other articles too much. I can read through and take note of what i don't know but infer and it all lines up. That's really cool and something i have issues with doing myself. :) as far as question. I may have missed it but are their different ideologies in the circle? Different factions maybe?

4 Dec, 2018 20:20

Thank you for the nice words and the like! It means a lot to me!   So that is a very good question that I actually didn't want to cover because through writing it I decided I wanted it to be so... loose in organization that it is almost more of a tradition than a club or system. I am sure there are affiliations inside the Circle... Hunters who are loyal to the Apple of Hedonism or Church of the Somnolent.   Great question! Thanks again!

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Apple of hedonism? sounds like a fun crowd may be getting two comments today. Lol you're welcome and that makes a lot of sense to me. I understand that decision. Thanks!

4 Dec, 2018 22:54

Hah, oh yeah they are quite the uh party goers to say the least. We actually have a draft of all the introductions of the factions if you are interested.   It's a great way to get the jist of all of them in a short little overview! Cheers!

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It's short, but intense! A lot of information in little space. Perfect! :P   In the first part of the article you often say Letemont instead of Letomont. Is it a typo or something I have missed?   I found The goal of all hunters quite original, although I missed what role do Letokendas have in the process (if any). They seem too important to be mentioned in the sidebar only. Anyway, I like that, in order to become a member, you don't have to hunt a hunter. It's an interesting take to the typical "if you hunt that dangerous beast nobody has ever defeated but you will because plot, you will become a member".   I love how History is written. It's written as a general overview, but at the same time has some details (the two arrows and where did they hit). I find this combination to be very appropriate, and it gives some "legend vibes" to the text too! I can certainly see the foundation of the Circle of Ozahn as a novel.   The three quotes are an awesome addition too, especially because they are from the same person in different stages of their life.   Great job, see you around! :)

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Thank you Ondo, that is some fantastic feedback. That is a typo, I'll fix it right away.   Letokendas are a role that is assigned as needed. There is no hierarchy in the circle, so a Letokenda is assigned as needed to any Letomont who is organizing an event. It's the name of the host if you will.   Hahaha, and yeah it would be fun to actually have a campaign where people can fail at becoming a member of the circle, it is a challenge just to trap an expert hunter.   Thank you so much for the feedback Ondo!

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Elias Redclaw
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Simply beautiful. Clean and concise information. I love the organisational structure and the way you depicted the circle of Ozahn. The history is great too and this altogether makes for a clean and beautiful article. You could expand a bit more on the circle of ozahns resources and their equipment but besides that it is awesome. Keep up the good work !

14 Nov, 2023 13:53

What an interesting organisation. Do the Prospectives know that they are being hunted during the evaluation period, or is it like a secret thing?

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