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The Universe consists of a near-infinite combination of cultures, practices, resources, limitations, and desires. Every township has its unique textures, unique spices, unique flavors. Each dish is a delve into the fantastic history of every Sophonts experience. So then, why do we so often limit ourselves to experiencing our own history? Do we not let history be our teacher? Should we not learn from others and find ways to better ourselves? That's what we are setting out to do.

We wish to provide onto you, the reader, the most complete collection and compendium of culinary customs that this Universe has ever seen. From the most common collation to the most fantastic feasts, we will savor every last morsel! So join us, my knowledge-craving viewer, get your shopping lists ready, and let us feast upon and learn from the best that the universe has to offer.

— The Foreword of every Episode of Ethnis Eats
  Ethnis Eats is one of the many subsidiary channels co-owned by Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel as part of his larger network, the Feasting Network. It is co-owned and co-hosted by Anton Legassi, a chef and renoun media personality who Dartesi took a shining to and adopted an apprentice.   Seasons are shot twice times a galactic year. Dartesi is present for every other season, and Anton has guest-stars for the rest.


Ethnis Eats is a Stream with the goal of visiting as many culinary destinations as physically possible. The show's hosts, Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel and his co-host, Anton Legassi, travel different worlds in attempts to find the best dishes unique to that locale.

They not only savor the dishes but explore how the dish has been refined over the years. They spend an hour dissecting the recipes, meeting with the culinary minds, and creating the dish themselves. This mix of content leads to Ethnis Eats being a unique mix of informative documentary, cooking show, and travel guide.


Welcome dear viewer to the first episode of Ethnis Eats!

May I introduce myself as Aushejlt-Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel Tor Nuova Roma Drat’n Gino, but, please, call me Dartesi! I will be serving as your most humble culinary curator! And my partner, the effervescent and always eager FirstHeart of fine dining, Anton Legassi.

My amazing apprentice Anton, please tell me where are we venturing for our first foray into fantastic food?
Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel first ever spoken line. Vol 1 - Episode 1

Ethnis Eats started as a personal venture for Dartesi and his then apprentice Anton to explore an ever-growing world of cooking. The recording of their adventures was originally meant to be for themselves, in order to be able to recall just how much they wanted to see. Anton saw the potential to capitalize on Dartesi's flamboyant personality and his own growing knowledge. He suggested the show, much to Dartesi's delight, and wrote out the format over a single Dinner.

After conceptualizing the idea of exploring the culture and history of cuisine, they set to work on their first episode. They traveled to The ValuSelu Pact and spent a week in the Valdutani heartland. They recorded every aspect of their foodventure, from their first dining experiences to their organized interviews with the Parisan chefs behind the counter.

I remember when I first suggested making our vlog a show to Dart. I felt like asking a Helyk to host a Stream was like asking if a fish would like to be in water. I still have the original storyboards and a picture of the largest smile I've ever seen on my Systome.
— Anton Legassi

The first episode was made public under the title "Ethnis Eats - Valdutani Delights." The format caught the eye of many offworlders, leaving comments of praise for Dartesi's addictive personality and Anton's ability to decipher and explain a dish. Others praised the show for the format, sparking threads of how to incorporate what they learned from the show into their own unique dishes. Many hosting networks boosted the show in attempts to bolster their own viewership, resulting in more views and more pressure to continue the adventure.

With a successful format and hunger for more, the pair continued on. Together they traveled around the planet of Jhoutai in search of the most interesting dishes. The show only grew from that point, the income enabling them to travel to further and more isolated planets. Tiny outpost planets became overnight talking points as Dartesi and Anton picked apart their culinary contributions. To this day they travel, searching between banner and galaxies for the most peculiar of dishes.

Journal, Personal
Digital Recording, Video


Banner of Origin The Apple of Hedonism
No. of Volumes 27 and Counting
Viewership Average 3-4 trillion per-stream


  Anton Legassi Co-creator and primary host.  
Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel
Character | Sep 7, 2018

Eat, I Insist

Co-creator and recurring co-host.  
Character | Jan 18, 2018

Loyal Sidekick and Sous Chef to Dartesi

Handles stream commentary, co-hosts, and does stuff off-screen.  


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S1: Sazashi Cuisine



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11 Jul, 2018 15:35

As a french person, I can only be happy to see some article about culinar stuff ahah, didn't expect that kind of article. Love the details even on the history, the quotes make it even more credible !

11 Jul, 2018 15:35

Especially * not even

11 Jul, 2018 15:43

I'm glad you enjoyed! It was a fun piece to write, even if there is still SO MUCH to do on it!

11 Jul, 2018 15:52

This is absolutely adorable. The quotes add a lot of personality to an already sweet article, letting me easily picture the show and making me KINDA wish it actually existed. Do you plan on writing up a script or plot for an episode ever? It'd be quite cute.

11 Jul, 2018 15:55

Absolutely! This Compendium is actually something I really want to expand on to explore different races of Ethnis and how they would eat. There is so much to explore so I wanted to do this intro as a way to 'stake the claim' so to speak.   I'm really glad you liked it, it means a lot to me.

11 Jul, 2018 16:00

Yesss! That sounds like it's going to be very fun for you to write - do try to not poison them too badly with some of the stranger foods I'm sure you've got somewhere. ;)

11 Jul, 2018 16:01

There's good odds on the story of a season or two of Ethnis eats being Barron's first novella within the Ethnis canon. ;)   Keep an eye out~!

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Are you going to write out some of these episodes for us to read? Please tell me you are going to write out some detailed episodes of Ethnis Eats for us to read? :D

11 Jul, 2018 16:07

Heck yes I am. I plan on expanding on a few episodes or even writing my first Ethnis novella about the adventures of Dartesi and Anton as they film their first season of Ethnis Eats.

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11 Jul, 2018 16:08

Foodie vlogs. I can't say how much I approve. You've done well, my friend

11 Jul, 2018 16:15

I'm glad you enjoyed the read!

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