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Pale Rider part 2

General Summary

Grolm 10, 578
about 5:30 PM
We pick up as Zhang Sephia's entangle spell locks onto the root-like feet of Master Kerner. Part of the spell effect spills forward over the edge of the Master's Platform: oregano thrashes up at a wild rate of growth to entangle SNAFU Guild Druid Jesse Devonshire as well!
Jesse best check whether he has the Reflexes to duck out of entangling range!
The action is in full swing within Master Kerner's Chamber:
Master's Chamber
Is it a laboratory? A commander's suite? or is this chamber within the cavate meant to be a throne room without the chair?  

This map created on Inkarnate by campaign creator Jarissa Venters.
It's certainly crude.
I used some textures (for which I have paid) that have limited licenses, so please completely recolor every bit of it if you want to use it somewhere else!


Rewards Granted

  • Each member of the SNAFU Posse except for captured Chef -- each of the Player Characters -- receives a fifth of the totals from the two big fights in this session. Defeating Ministry Transmogrifer EvilSeed so ingeniously (but not defeating him forever!) earns the party a total of 4000 XP, which divides neatly into 800 XP each. When the party returned to the Main Chamber to gather the rescued citizens and consider next steps, they quickly cleared out more of the Lord Jack-o-Lanterns for an additional total of 3200 XP, divided amongst the active Posse members into 640 XP apiece. Grand total per character: 1440 XP!
Remember, we have worked out that your Animal Companions determine their levels off of their Chosen Person, so going forward we will not include them in XP calculations.
General note: By this point in the campaign, everyone is probably past the necessary experience point accumulation that qualifies you for 7th level. Please remember that you can't Ding! and do the actual leveling up until you have time to train. Right now, it looks like you won't have a chance for that until after the end of this adventure. Record the XP, but don't level yet!
Recovered sort-of-Treasure
Will-Bound Druid Jesse Devonshire has stepped into the role of "Master Kerner's Assistant" persuasively, even putting on the decomposing Master's robes. In the absence of a clear idea that the Master wishes otherwise, the plant monsters of Oatman Cavate have been letting Jesse direct them so far.
While this is certainly disturbing, it has also gained him the fond interest of Topiary Rex!
In the course of obeying Master Kerner's recent commands, Jesse has persuaded Princess Alfredo-Alston to sign over to him her birthright: the deed to an area once titled Sarsparilla Ranch, now the westernmost component of Whippetal Ranch.
Stormborn Sorcerer Miro Teague, hunting for lost comrade Chef, found a high-quality empty, uncorked bottle that smells like the vichyssoise recipe of which Chef is so proud.
Miro also briefly had a Wand of Enhanced Spell Collection. Alas, it blew up.
Miro also has one of Farvald Kerner's most recent journals.
Nodin Ranger Bruthazmus has been captivated by the distant sound of beautiful music. To save his comrade, Lee Chung persuaded Yathue Ilphendurl to actively possess the bugbear until they can free his mind from this spell!

Missions/Quests Completed

Many lost citizens of the region have been rescued! Among them:
Some members of the Bicchieri Caravan have been rescued!
  • Fiore Bicchieri
  • Casto Trapasso

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Outside the Cavate, unheard by the SNAFU Posse, two voices carole a Cowhand's Lament.
The endlessly unfurling tune carries low and sweet over long distances. It captivates any critter that hears it. It brings


The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
Lee Chung
-Level Monk 6
Jesse Devonshire
6-Level Druid
Zhang Sephia
6-Level Ranger
Bruthazmus Kele
Nodin Bugbear
6-Level Ranger
Miro Teague
7-Level Sorcerer
Player Journals
Battle of the bands by Zhang Sephia
20201121 Evil Seed went to pot. by Jesse Devonshire
Report Date
21 Nov 2020
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