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GHG Session 68: Processing Power

General Summary

Month 8, Week 4, Year 921
  Taking a break after the previous fight, the Fortunate Five parted ways with Nineveh and Arnulf as the two of them had even more magic items to deliver while the party had more demons to kill. Tracing their way back to the cellar door that Teherse'singh discovered earlier in the night, the FF marched back into Chateau Gruyere domain to confront Argus and all of Gray Hat's agents of chaos.   The trek through the servant corridors felt like walking into a different world full of brutalism and bureaucracy, a far cry from Ekal's aesthetics. Opening a door into the east wing of Chateau Gruyere, Teherse'singh and Xa'kara were immediately hit by bouts of paranoia curtesy of Gray Hat's enterprises. Xa'kara raced down the hallways to confront Argus and the demonic horde, Reetma running parallel to save his ally from any hidden traps.   And sure enough, fighting broke out in the east wing with the party separated by the Gray Hat's forces. Argus was typing away at some otherwordly computer-shaped device, whirring with burgeoning power and urgency with every passing second. Xa'kara was nearly felled by hordes of demonic pencil-pushers, but she was healed and rescued by her fellow party members as they forced their way down the corridors of cubicles. Before long Windred and the others managed to drag Argus into a full-on battle with the FF, meanwhile Zan'kiri and Teherse'singh used their magic abilities to scorch the computer that Argus had booted up. They inflicted insane amounts of damage on the device, but not before a supremely fiendish force was felt emanating from behind the machine...  

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
21 Sep 2022
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