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Mara Dark

Mara Dark (a.k.a. Siobhan O'Domnahall)

Mara is a secondary main character in The Savant Uprising series in In Memoriam, Anamnesis, Gen Codex, Memento Mori, and Nirvana.   In Memento Mori She joined The Citizen's Army when she was 19 to fight in The First Savant Uprising. It was here she met Robert Lilly and subsequently fell in love with him even though he was affianced to another woman. She also met JR during this time.   Initially part of the Black Cats squad (an elite squad of mostly Tank), she gets moved to Robert's squad when he gets promoted to sergeant and helps him on special missions such as the one to find the Cyborg named Rom Query and destroy the KEWP Control Center. When Robert's other sergeant gets killed, Mara gets promoted in his place, though never liked leadership.   She takes place in the Battle of Hong Kong Island, and along with Robert, JR, and The Ox, helps set the bombs and escapes from the island.   In Anamnesis Finally, Quentin VonBuren finds her looking for drugs to help his injured son, Trent. Without JR's knowledge, she gives Quentin a whole box of the Trax to take back to the doctor who is treating Trent which causes JR to get into massive trouble with the cartel. He blames Mara for it and they have a falling out. He shoots her (The first time of many) and she breaks his wrist, taking the dog tags Robert gave him and leaving to find Quentin. (She and JR have several other run-ins before they reconcile, each time she bloodies him and he shoots her.)   After she leaves JR, she finds Quentin and begins working as a bodyguard with Quentin's new crew, "The Company", led by a man named Clark Sinclair. Being a sexually-free woman looking for the emotional connection she lost when Robert died, she begins a romantic and sexual relationship with Clark (on-and-off again) but can't really get into it once he gets clingy. She boards with Quentin and Trent.   When Quentin disappears and is presumed dead, Mara takes on Trent as a ward and feeling she owes Quentin a debt for not only saving her life after she left JR but also for saving her from Hong Kong. A few months after this happens, she runs into Sam when he tries to steal something from Clark. Before she's able to take him on as her ward also, she needs to help him get back what he stole from Clark (which he'd given to his boss JR).   Once Sam heals, The Company gets a contract job to infiltrate XCGen and steal data from a scientist named Frederick Weaver. Her role is to seduce him into giving up the codes needed to get into his personal files. However someone sets off a bomb in the lab and blows up Weaver and Mara before she finished looking at all the data. She escapes with Sam and Trent and they go into the The Underbelly of NYMC.   In Gen Codex After being attacked by Grant, Mara journeys with Sam and Trent to Death Valley to find the The Starkill Army.   They convince General Garrett Helmsley to use the Army to help them infiltrate the Sea Wall Defense Compound, with promises of finding the research XCGen and the other CORPs are working on.   In return for their help, Helmsley asks Mara to help them with their cause, even after this mission is over Operation Ishtar is over.

Physical Description

Body Features

Athletic build, not tall but muscular.

Facial Features

Square jaw with high-cheekbones.

Identifying Characteristics

Square jaw and pointed cheekbones and dark, almost black, eyes.

Physical quirks

Body emits a slightly magnetic field that she can charge with a Spark's EMP wave. It's said to have calming properties.

Special abilities

Savant Tank Can fly planes OK Can drive most vehicles sufficiently Keen senses

Apparel & Accessories

Black leather jacket, tank top/T-shirt, leather pants, black combat boots.

Specialized Equipment

1. The anlace And Robert's jacket patches until she gives them to Sam 2. Robert's Dog-tags that she took from JR 3. Her leather jacket. 4. Microcomputer 5. Robert's combustion pistol 6. Little metal balls that are magnetic and generally filled with explosive powder or noxious gas powder. They react with her body's faintly magnetic field and she can whip at objects/people at range with efficiency.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

BACKGROUND SHE KNOWS ABOUT Mara was left at a True Human orphanage along with her sister when she was only a few years old. She has no memory of her time before the orphanage, nor any memory of her sister. She was adopted by Trues & grew up in a True Human colony.
  Growing up she was always told to hide her strength, but never understood why. In that vein, she got into a lot of trouble and never felt she had a place, even though her True Human parents took good care of her (at least as much as they could).
    After the Uprising and Robert's death, she goes back to The Sink with JR, who she is now "an item" with. They get back into business with the cartels after her work as a private transpo guide gets cut due to the fuel shortage. She hates selling drugs to teenagers but doesn't see a way out. She also hates that this job doesn't afford her time to fulfill her promise to a dying Robert which was to find his son Sam, and give him The Anlace (a nano-sword) and the dataring that has Robert's biography on it.   BACKGROUND SHE DOESN'T KNOW
Show spoiler
Mara's bio parents are the evil scientist Frederick Weaver and a Tank woman who voluntarily entered into a program run by Frederick Weaver to try and artificially make savants from True Human "parents" to supposedly "grow the Savant population and make them more respected members of society".   Thus, Mara was created artificially using their DNA and the womb of a True Human parent as a surrogate. All her memories of the orphanage are really from a facility where all children from this program were raised. These children were all fathered by Weaver and some savant woman. Some were able to get the savant Skill and some where not. Those who didn't have the Skill would disappear.   When Mara's mother and with other savants adults (like Rebekah Weaver, Frederick's actual wife but also a savant) found out about this and realized the true purpose for these kids, (to become super soldiers and fight against other savants in the war everyone knew was coming), they shut down the program and spread all the surviving children across the country. Thus, Mara was "adopted" by her surrogate True Human mother and raised as True Human--told to hide her strength b/c the suro-mom feared Weaver would find her.

Gender Identity



Straight and sexually free


Educated at True Human schools but dropped out in high school to try and persue a career as a body guard before joining the Citizen's Army at 19.


  • Sergeant in The Citizen's Army
  • Independant body guard, bouncer, security for hire, mercenary
  • Drug runner bodyguard for The Invisibles
  • Member of The Company
  • Sergeant in The Starkill Army
  • Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Makes sergant in the Citizen's Army
  • Helps set the bombs on Hong Kong Island
  • Survives Hong Kong Island
  • Finds Sam and passes on Robert's anlace and badges
  • Gets Weaver to open up his research so Drake can download it
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Couldn't save Robert from the Vox's nanobot needle
  • Couldn't save Sergeant Duan Cheng from get shot.
  • Can't open herself up to many people (though has an easier time with the teens)
  •   Embarassments
  • Terrified of water because she can't swim and Tanks don't float.
  • The many times JR has shot her
  • Her over-reaction toward JR
  • Runs away from her problems
  • Knowingly engaged in an affair with a man who had a fiance
  • Mental Trauma

  • Doesn't know her birth parents or where she came from. Lived at an "orphanage" and the feeling of abandonment is strong.
  • Being forced to conceal her Skill and try to be "normal" has not given her a high regard for herself or being a Tank.
  • Being one of the few female Tanks in a world of males makes it hard for her to show emotion or tenderness, though the teenagers bring this out in her and they have been good for her emotional growth.
  • Losing Robert, the first man she loved, and feeling like she can't (and shouldn't) love again.
  • Intellectual Characteristics

  • Not super intelligent, but very street-smart with great instincts and detection of danger.
  • Fairly well read and knows a lot about history and politics.
  • Morality & Philosophy

  • Very good most of the time
  • Will act outside of her values based on desperation or because she believes it'll help the greater good
  • Loves children but never wanted any of her own
  • Empathic and motherly to those she cares about
  • Fights for her people
  • Trope Equivilencies:
  • HP House: Hufflepuff
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • GoT House: Stark
  • Taboos

  • Knowingly had an affair with an almost-married man w/ a kid and fell in love. Dreamed of a life with that man.
  • Personality Characteristics


  • Looking for Sam while trying to stay out of the eye of the CORPs
  • Wants to weaken the CORPs so savants can be safe.
  • Savvies & Ineptitudes

  • Brawler
  • Good instincts for danger
  • Can use any weapon
  • Ineptitude:
  • Talking about her feelings
  • Getting close romantically
  • Likes & Dislikes

  • older kids & teenagers
  • Cookies
  • Bad beer and good whisky (with no "e")
  • Sex
  • Dislikes:
  • Water
  • JR (at times)
  • Being seen as a sexual object
  • Being touched without her consent
  • Vices & Personality flaws

    Likes sex and drinking - uses that as escapism


    Clean. Hates being dirty or covered in blood.


    Family Ties

    Foster Parent 1
    Adopted Parent 1
    Unknown Sibling(female)  
    Show spoiler
    Father: Frederick Weaver
    Mother: Tank savant (name unk) Half Sister: Seven
    Half SIster: Daughter Weaver
    Current Location
    Circumstances of Birth
    Surrogate birth - Bio parents are a Tank savant and True Human scientist
    New York Metro Complex
    Dark brown/Black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
  • English (fluent)
  • Chinese (fluent)
  • Some Spanish

  • Comments

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