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Rom Query (rahm kwee-ree)

Rom Query

Considers themself a "cyborg" a term not used in their world until Query came into consciousness. Is convinced they are a human consciousness in a machine body, but doesn't have any memories of their past before the transition. Query has been alive since The Third World War and also holds a lot of knowledge about technology.   Became a weapons expert and founded the Kinetic Energy Weapon Program - KEWP to try and help people, by getting rid of the big threats that came about right after WWIII. However, that backfired on them and the tech ended up getting stolen by [Lightbar Industries and used for bad things.
  Then they went on to more medical persuits, creating the CIBRG "cyborg" Program program to help humans with failing bodies, by transplanting the brain and vital human organs into a fully-cybernetic body. This research also gets stolen from Query by the CORPs.   Now they call themselves a technomancer.   THE FIRST SAVANT UPRISING During the First Savant Uprising, they sympathized with Robert Lilly and the other rebels of the The Citizen's Army. Initially they wanted to help the rebels, trying to point them to the KEWP Control Center.  
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At one point, they sell Robert's squad out to the CORPs to try and save someone they care about, though that backfires and they go back to helping Robert.
  Dissapears after The Uprising.   THE SECOND SAVANT UPRISING Query was somehow captured by Black Arrow Corporation and forced to help ressurect the CIBRG Program to make cyborg weapons out of savant teenagers. They were held prisoner at the Biological Research Institute of California. When Mara,, JR and Sam, were sent to rescue Query, they are not able to go because they have to help Grant who got shot.   Eventually, they do end up escaping and leading a group of savants and mechs from the Republic of California prior to the bombs blowing up the California Sea Wall. They also use nanoweapons from Robert to destroy the virus built to kill only savants.   Currently, they are trying to find their memories to figure out who they were before their transition.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

They are less concerned with what their gender identity is, and more concerned that they are believed to be human, not mech.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Invented Kinetic Weapons
  • Created the Kinetic Weapons Program
  • Created the CIBRG Program
  • Successfully transplanted a human brain into a machine body
  • Successfully transferred a human consciousness into a robot body (Robert into the nanobots).
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    Technically, they did this twice b/c they did it for themselves too.
  • Destroyed the DENAVID-1 virus using nanobots
  • Rescued savants, mechs and Trues from the radiation of the Uninhabitable Wastes by taking them into underground bunkers. Becomes somewhat of their god.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Allowed the CORPs to steal dangerous research not once but thrice.
  • Forgot to include their memories when they made themself.
  • Let Grant get taken away.
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Incredibly smart and science-minded.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Has an idea that they are working toward the moral good, but sometimes their logic gets in the way and they do something that ends up causing more harm than good. However, they do want to work toward equality for all types of people, but also want to better all lives through tech.
    Current Status
    Searching for their memories
    Current Location
    Over 100
    Circumstances of Birth
    Created for a purpose, though they are not sure for what yet.
    Uninhabitable Wastes
    Pink and overly large
    Hairless, no eyebrows either
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pinkish-white syncorium (synthetic skin)
    Known Languages
    Chinese, English, Bengali

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