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Judas Rostbane (jay-arr)

Judas Rostbane (a.k.a. JR, The Rabbit)

JR was born in the slum city The Sink, in New Colorado. He is the son of former Invisibles cartel leader, Aron Rostbane. He loves racing hoverbikes and did it competitively from the age of 10. He was skilled enough at this, earning the nickname "The Rabbit", that he wanted to be a pro racer when he grew up. Unfortunately, his family expected him to take over leading The Invisibles Invisibles.   Even though he was given the best education and life that cartel money could buy, JR was an unhappy child. Raised mostly by his mother and an absent father, JR wanted nothing more than the attention of his dad. (This may be why he latched on to Robert Lilly, even though he was only a few years older than JR). His father clearly preferred JR's younger brother, Mordekai Rostbane, calling JR useless and too spineless to do what was necessary in terms of cartel business. It was clear Aron didn't want JR as the heir. However, JR's mother thought differently tried to undo the damage Aron had done. Unfortunately, JR took his uselessness to heart and allowed pleasure to consume him.   Over time, JR came to resent his father, so when Aron died (JR was 17), instead of listening to his mother an taking over his father's leadership role, he passed that onto his brother. JR himself wasted his part of the inheritance and his "good" family name on vices: drugs, parties, and gambling. A few bad mistakes led him to get into trouble with the other cartels. His mother (having no choice) had to disown him and his brother & the other cartel leaders gave JR an ultimatum: join the Citizen's Army or be tried as an adult for his crimes and spend his life in prison. He chose the army, hoping he would die.   When JR joined the The Citizen's Army during the First The Savant Uprising in China, he served under Staff Sergeant Robert Lilly and the Street Dogs Alpha Squad. He never got promoted to sergeant during this war (but he did get Private First Class) and the fact that Mara did, has always been a sore spot for him. During the war, he worked hard to make Robert proud because he saw the older man as somewhat of a role model. Robert was the only one at the time that JR respected, though he came to respect Mara and his other squad mates as well (especially Chester (Chet) Ferryman, Roberta Mendez, and Han Niu - "The Ox"). Over time he grew to love Robert, though it's never clear if it was more as a brother of as a partner.   After the war and Robert's death, he and Mara got together in their shared grief. They made their way back to The Sink, New Colorado, eventually picking up work with the cartels in drug-running--the only area his younger brother allows. JR hates this practice and ends up getting hooked on the very drug he deals, a downer called tratihyrdate axilias or "Trax". This leads to strained relationships both with Mara and Kai in the Invisibles.   When Quentin VonBuren (who JR met during the Uprising) finds them after the injury of his son, Trent, he helps get JR off the drug. However, before JR gets clean, Mara gives Quentin a whole box of the Trax to take back to the doctor (Karl) who is treating Trent. This causes JR to get into massive trouble with the cartel, and he blames Mara for it. They have a falling out and he shoots her (The first time of many) and she breaks his wrist, taking the dog tags Robert gave JR and leaving to find Quentin. JR resents her for many months after this, attempting (and succeeding) to shoot her at least three more times before they reconcile. She later jokes that JR can't hit anything with a bullet except her.   Fortunately for him, Quentin hooks him up with a shadowy savant rebel group led my a man named Garret Helmsley, who are formulating a plan to begin disassembling the CORPs and work toward savant freedom. He works with Karl, Helmsley, and Clark, leader of The Company. He becomes the benefactor of the XCGen infiltration job that hires Clark's Company to steal data from the scientist Weaver and rescue kidnapped savant teenagers being used experimentally in the CIBERG Program. When that job goes south, JR hacks into the feed of every holoviz and network in the NYMC and plays a newscaster to show savants footage of the resistance. He also spreads the image of the Insignia to awaken savants in the city and draw them into the uprising. This plants the seed for the beginnings of the Second Savant Uprising.   Following this, JR officially joins Helmsley's rebel group called the The Starkill Army, located in the The Alpha Omega Compound. Finally, he gets promoted to Sergeant. (Though he still thinks the Starkill Army is using bullshit titles and he initially doesn't respect the group as much as he did the Citizen's Army and Alpha Squad that Robert lead). During the Operation Ishtar, JR flies the plane broadcasting the signal to the bomb rockets that @Sam and McKenna Bray are guiding to the wall. At this point he's reconciled with Mara and they have some type of affectionate relationship though neither of them are "exclusive".   He mourns as hard (or maybe harder) than Sam when Mara disappears following the Christmas Wall massacre. In the wake, he takes on a sort of mentorship role of Sam as he is Robert's son and Mara's ward and the only way JR can feel close to anyone after losing the two most important people to him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall and muscular, but neither overly so, with golden-brown curly hair that falls over his face in perfect waves. Piercing hazel eyes which can be amber, green or gray.

Body Features

Has a scar on the outside of his right thigh, the result of a chemical rifle burn during the Savant Uprising. Since he went into hiding from Lightbar Industries's armies right after, the wound never properly healed and causes a limp to this day.

Physical quirks

Wears a flouncy moustache, usually elaborately styled, though will go through periods of being clean-shaven. Thinks beards are for the rougher men and working-class boys and "wouldn't be caught dead with one...well he'd rather not be caught dead at all..."

Special abilities

  • Sway--able to make people feel whatever he wants them to.
  • Naturally charismatic
  • Apparel & Accessories

    JR owns this burgundy smoking jacket he stole from Norman Rose, the CEO of Lightbar, right before Hong Kong Island was destroyed by the K-Force Rods. He is especially proud of this jacket, as it takes him back to the point in his life where he felt at the very top of his game and his successes--right before everything went to hell and his best friend died, and he had to go crawling back to the cartels. When he wears this jacket he feels like a pimp and a crime boss, ready to f-- stuff up and take no shit in return. He usually pairs it with too much jewelry, slacks, dress shoes and one of the antique combustion pistols he prizes (and Mara keeps stealing from him).

    Specialized Equipment

  • Antique combustion pistols...mostly for decoration, but sometimes for use (on Mara)
  • Regular guns, of course
  • Handheld computer and microcomputer
  • Mental characteristics


    Fluid. Likes anything that likes him back. Enjoys sex a lot and treats it with a casual enjoyment one would save for a good glass of whiskey or find cigar (he likes those things too). Doesn't get emotionally attached to many people, though it happened with both Robert and Mara. He will never admit whether he and Robert had sexual relations, though it is unlikely because Robert was pretty straight and also already cheating on his fiance with one person.


    Had the best education cartel money could buy--learned multiple languages (Chinese, Spanish, to name a few), all the fancy literature, how to navigate through social situations etc.


  • Private First Class in the The Citizen's Army
  • Drug runner for The Invisibles
  • Soldier in The Starkill Army
  • Databroker for Garrett Helmsley before Starkill Army was officially founded.
  • Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Won a lot of hovercycle races as a teen.
  • Successfully hacked into the New York Metro Complex's entire holo network to broadcast videos of savant resistance (terrorism) and the Insignia to millions of Savants.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Squandered his inheritance from his dead father
  • Can't hit anything with a bullet (except Mara)
  • Wasn't a good "boots-on-the-ground" soldier, always bumbling and getting into trouble
  • Mental Trauma

  • Has never felt good enough or like he was worth anything due to the criticism of his father.
  • Thus, super self conscious and makes up for it with overt bravado and assholery.
  • Intellectual Characteristics

  • Very intelligent and well educated.
  • Smooth talker, even for a Sway
  • Morality & Philosophy

  • Questionable morals, generally self-serving.
  • However, he'd rather do good things than bad, though if bad things further his own position and place in life, he will do them.
  • Wants to make an impact on the world (good or bad) to prove his dead father wrong.
  • Trope Equivilencies; HP House: Slytherin D&D Alignment: Chaotic Neutral GoT House: Lannister


  • Will have sex with pretty much anyone and *may* use his Sway powers on them, walking a thin line of consent, though he'll never admit it.
  • Personality Characteristics

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

  • Charismatic, smooth talking
  • Understands people better than he understands himself
  • Ineptitudes:
  • Can't hit a target with a gun (except Mara)
  • Likes & Dislikes

  • Robert Lilly
  • Trax
  • Whisky
  • Whiskey
  • Booze
  • Cigars (clove flavored)
  • Dislikes:
  • Getting punched by Mara
  • The cartels
  • Trax
  • Being called Judas or Rostbane
  • Vices & Personality flaws

  • Drinks a lot, frequently drunk
  • Smokes a lot, sometimes in closed quarters
  • Sleeps around a alot
  • Flaws:
  • Sometimes dispassionate toward other people's problems
  • Prioitizes the wrong things
  • Thinks with his crotch
  • Personality Quirks

  • Holds unlit cigars/cigarettes in his mouth when he's distracted
  • Shoots first...when it comes to Mara
  • Has a hard time keeping his Aurawave to himself when he feels strongly
  • Acts like a fop when he wants something
  • Hygiene

    Very clean and neat. Likes manicured hands, perfumed hair, and clean clothes. Prefers his clothes tailored and his looks impeccable. Hates being in the army for that reason...yet he keeps joining armies...


    Contacts & Relations

  • General Garrett Helmsley
  • Karl Mercey
  • The Invisibles and Kai, its leader
  • Family Ties

  • Father: Aron Rostbane
  • Younger brother: Mordekai (Kai) Rostbane
  • Social Aptitude

    Simultaneously great and terrible in social situations. He is a smooth talker when he wants to be, but he can come on too strong and turn people away. No one saw this better than Robert Lilly who didn't like him a first but somehow grew to love him as he saw past JR's uppity exterior and to his heart which Robert believed was good.


    Judas Rostbane


    Towards Aron Rostbane


    Aron Rostbane


    Towards Judas Rostbane


    Judas Rostbane


    Towards Mordekai Rostbane


    Mordekai Rostbane


    Towards Judas Rostbane


    Wealth & Financial state

    Used to be wealthy, then lost it all. Has had up and down swings in wealth based on the jobs he has worked for the cartels or the savant rebels.
    Current Status
    Sergeant with the Starkill Army
    Date of Birth
    August 3
    Circumstances of Birth
    Oldest son of The Invisibles cartel
    The Sink , New Colorado
    Mordekai Rostbane (Brother)
    Current Residence
    The AO Compound
    golden, curly, shaggy
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    “Yes, I’m offering you a job, you jackhound! Do you want to get out of this shithole city or not?”
      "So, you started late then.” He laughed, “Do you actually love this woman? Or were you just—you know—delayed?” He pointed to his crotch suggestively.
      “For fuck’s sake, Rob, it’s JR. Rostbane was my father—piece of shit that he was.”
      “Okay then, try not to think about Mara. But don’t come crying to me when you’re blue-balled and lonely.”
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

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