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Garrett Helmsley

General Garrett Helmsley (a.k.a. General Helmsley)

Garrett Helmsley is a General of The Starkill Army who runs The Alpha Omega Compound.   He is a Mnemonic, though few know this because he keeps it hidden.   He knew Captain Jeremy Ames in the First Savant Uprising and took much of his leadership practices from him. He takes his leadership of the AO very seriously, though he doesn't always make the right choices.   He is stoic and reserved, and does not like be questioned. He doesn't always understand why people would disagree with him. Sometimes he doesn't take action when he should.  
Show spoiler
He takes on mentoring Aiden once he figures out the teenager is a Mnemonic, too.
Brown-streaked gray
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We cannot hope to have enough time to know each and every Memory of our ancestors for they have each lived their own life, and we only have one in which to learn. Thus, it’s important to know the key Memories—impactful bits of history that can help us understand how to proceed and grow."
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