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Savant (suh-VAHNT)

Savants are human descendants of genetically modified humans who have one enhanced trait, or Skill. This Skill is held in the savant gene which also contains the Memory Code, or the ability to see the memories of your ancestors when triggered by the Insignia.   Savants are at odds with mechs (cybernetically-enhanced humans) and thus the CORPs which is run mostly by mechs. This is because savants do not consume cybernetic technology because that kind of stuff messes with their Skill and diminishes it. Thus, the CORPs find savants to be more of a nuisance than a contributor to their society and tries to keep the populated subjugated and poor.   Savants are not allowed to hold certain jobs or work directly in the CORPs, though the cartels welcome savants and are primarily made up of them. Savants do not attend the same schools as mechs, though if they're lucky they are welcomed in True Human schools. If they are unlucky (or lucky, depending on who you ask) they are educated in private by other savants, friends or family members.     "Savants believed they were magnificent from the day they were born. They didn’t need cybernetics which dulled their senses and deadened their inherited Skill. Their gene mutation threatened to undermine the entire consumer economy. Mirabel Industries was losing money. How could they market mods to a population who didn’t need them? " - Memoirs of A. Saint Claire   Breakdown: Auraseer, Sway, Tank: Each around 20-25% of the savant population, making them the most common.   Grifter, Kinetic, Spark: Each around 10-15%, placing them in the intermediate range.   Timeseer, Zephyr, Mechanic: Each around 5-10%, making them less common.   Mnemonic: The most rare, perhaps 1-5% of the savant population.
DNA from Joanna Greysoft
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