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The Savant Uprising

"The Savant Uprising was not just an uprising of savants—citizens of all types, regardless of genetic makeup or tech level took up arms. The unsettled workers of China banded together to fight the demands of corporate oppression and Big Money. Only later did the savants take the brunt of the blame. The Firebrand became a symbol of savant superiority or terrorist insurrection—depending which side of the CORPs you were on. However, to really understand where we are going, we first must understand where we came from."
  • On the Savant Uprising: An Essay by Major G. Helmsley
  • The Conflict


    Lightbar Industries was working its Chinese citizens to death. The workers planned to start a revolution but before it could gain traction, Lightbar launched K-Force Rods at Xi'an, levelling it and executintg The Xi'an Council.

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