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Quentin VonBuren

Trent’s father. A big, friendly man in his mid-40’s with a grin and bushy moustache/beard. He’s usually cheerful and boisterous. He grew up in the United States of Ireland and has an accent.   Major in the Starkill Army.   Son of Trentino vonBuren, campaign manager and journalist. He sees his dad die during the British rebellion from a mag-bomb. His sister, Erinye, also died in that assault. When his mother dies several years later, he goes to Hong Kong and begins to pilot for Lightbar. He meets his wife there, _NAME_, and has Trent.   During the Citizen’s Rebellion, he defects from Lightbar and saves some savants. He meets Mara, JR and Robert during the Battle of Hong Kong Island and saves them. He worked with Clark as co-captain of The Company before faking his death and joining/founding the Starkill Army. The name of the Army is from the nickname for the tattoo Quentin wears showing 5 stars in a semi-circle. Later he adds the Inisignia to this tattoo to remember the suffering of the savants.   He dies in the plane crash as he and Trent are leaving the ROC.


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