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Savant Genetics

The mutated gene that allows humans to have a certain extra power, called a Skill . This gene creates the race of humans called Savants.   A Skill enhances a person's natural senses thus allowing them to see, hear, feel, or touch beyond the capability of normal humans. For example, in the case of Auraseers, they have advanced sight that allows them to see a person's Aura, in addition to everything else one is able to see.   The gene was originally created by Joanna Greysoft, is now inherited through generations. Children of two savants are likely to have a Skill of one of the parents, though it is rare that a child gets no Skill. Even more rare, however, is when a child gets Skills from both parents, making them a Dual-Skilled savant. Children of one savant and one True Human (no Skill), is still more likekly to get their savant parent's Skill, rather than no Skill. And, in some vary rare cases, a savant can be born from two True Human parents.   These genetics also allow a savant to see the The Memories of their ancestors when triggered by the Insignia or, in the case of Mnemonics, anytime.   There are 10 types of known savants:
  1. Auraseer: Can see Auras
  2. Timeseer: Can see a few seconds into the future
  3. Kinetic: Can move objects with their mind
  4. Sway: Can influence people's emotions
  5. Zephyr: Can see air currents
  6. Tank: Are super strong/tough
  7. Spark: Can create an EMP and electrical charges, can sense electricity
  8. Mnemonic: Can call up all Memories of their ancestors at any time
  9. Grifter: Can change their appearance (in the way a 3rd party sees them)
  10. Mechanic: Can sense/talk to machines, mechanical affinity


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