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Skin like armor, bones like rebar. Organs and internal musculature are slightly less durable. A naturally-occurring metal, atrinte, is 1/3 of their cell composition. Their skin can’t get punctured by any standard edged weapons or firearms but they can get bruised. Razorwire may do some damage if it stays in contact with their skin for long enough.
  The atrinite makes them heavier and denser which means they weigh more than you'd think. As such, it makes them terrible swimmers and they are terrified of water since they sink. Drowning is one of the few ways to kill a Tank. Other ways include: Disease, internally ingested/inhaled poisons, nuclear blasts (radiation), electrocution. The atrinite also allows their cells to become slightly magnetic if charged by electricity (like an EMP from a Spark) or if they come into contact with strong magnets.
  Tanks also have a shorter lifespan than most savants because the metal in their cells hardens and slowly crushes them. It's not known what happens to Tanks when they die, whether they turn into statues or decay like other humans.
  Notable Tanks:
  • Mara Dark
  • Han Niu - The Ox
  • Alexy Veselowsky

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