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Biological Research Institute of California

Also called the BRIC, The Biological Research Institute of California is part of the Seawall Defense Compound, the BRIC is a scientific laboratory owned by the Black Arrow Corporation. Here the bio-weapon, called the DENAVID-1 Virus, is being created. Its intent is to turn savants into Mechs, by converting their biological matter into nano-metal, similar to a Tank's atrinite.   In the making of this virus, horrible experiments were done here that led to the deaths of many savants and especially Tanks, as the scientists worked to extract the atrinite from Tank's cells.   Rom Query is being held captive here and is forced to collaborate with XCGen scientists to crack the research on the C.I.B.R.G Program (creating inorganic bodies for organic minds).   It is also where Grant was turned into a cyborg, and Han Niu - The Ox is rescued from.   It is destroyed in the Christmas Wall Massacre in 2267.  


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