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Raven Senators

A Raven Senator is not the owner of the laws in the Itude Empire. Instead, they are solely responsible for making the laws and enforcing them, with a Supreme Judge making the final call. All senators can draft, propose, vote, and invoke laws whenever they feel justified. They also control the Senate Military, which enforces the law. If someone were to break the law, they could plead their case to the senate, and the senate can deny the right for the case to move to a hearing where the Supreme Judge gets to choose the verdict and how the criminal is punished.   Senators also deliberate assembly with authority to make laws for a political entity, who can interpret and apply the law in the legal cases of court, and who have the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.  

Social Status

Noble vampires are the only ones eligible to become senators, starting with a marquis as the highest rank, who would give up their title as marquis and pursue a lifetime as a senator. Any rank higher usually has too many duties on their plate, other than the Crown Prince or Emperor, who is the Supreme Judge.   When becoming a senate member, the senator must get a tattoo of a raven spreading its wings on the back of the senator's neck. Everyone, including Crown Prince Kěith Cheonsa and Emperor Vladimir Tepes, has one. The tattoo is made with a █████ ink, so it cannot be removed with other kinds of magick.   The oldest member of the Raven Senate is 1,793 years old, while the youngest member was around 780 years old until Wolf Slayer was made into a senator during his early teenage years.  


Raven Senate Building by Lukas D. (Unsplash)
Raven Senate Courtroom by mana5280 (Unsplash)
The senators work in the Raven Senate Courthouse, each having their own office. A large meeting room for all senators to gather is rectangular, with a large desk for the Supreme Judge in the back that overlooks the rest of the senators.   The room is painted gold, with over a dozen windows around the walls. On the ceiling is a dome decorated with a mural of Wolf Slayer killing a werewolf. Originally the mural had been of Vlad and Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa romantically together. After her death, the dome was repainted solid gold in hue as any image of Sin-yeona became a trigger for Vlad.  

Hazards & Dangers

Senators tend to be targeted by evil organizations or what is considered evil. The Gears Rebellion mainly pranks the senators and gives them huge frights unless the senator is truly a threat, and then the rebellion member may attempt to execute them. House Evkein is another institution that targets the senators, yet they solely focus on assassinations and spying. Protesters are the third level of threats, with some Itudeans finding the laws the senators pass as being horrid and immoral.

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raven senate
by Amelia Nite (Armoria)
Quick Facts
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Crown Prince
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Exotic Pet Laws
Treaty of Chymoús
Notable People

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Vladimir Tepes

Species: Vampire
Age: 1380 years
Status: Alive
Rank: Emperor / Supreme Judge

Vlad is said to rule his land with madness secured around his neck like a noose. Those who dare cross him tend to face his wrath and end up scarred for life, mentally or physically. In some cases, he is willing to prove his cruelty to the wolves by torturing his heir or stringing more werewolves up on crosses along the empire's border.

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Kěith Cheonsa

Species: Vampire
Age: 524 years
Status: Alive
Rank: Crown Prince / Future Supreme Judge

After the death of his mama and older sister, Kěith was made into the Crown Prince and forced to deal with politics he never wanted. His father and country hate him as well as his country and he constantly second-guesses himself. Atop all that, a dark secret hangs over his shoulders, one that can tear the empire apart.

by Wendelin Jacober (Pexels)

Wolf Slayer

Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Status: MIA
Rank: Senator

Wolf Slayer is the first non-noble to be made into a Raven Senator. Due to his prowess on the battlefield and his intensive knowledge of forming battle plans, Wolf Slayer was brought into the Raven Senate and given a chance to enforce laws while also suggesting new laws, such as the Exotic Pet Laws.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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