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Fae Incident of 1557

A close call for the Kloeves

The Fae incident of 1557 ADF was an event where the humans of Kloevenlev were but a hair's width away from total destruction by the fae. The reason for the attack was one big misunderstanding and some rash decisions, and the human leader managed to convince the fae to stop the attack before it even truly began.  


The reason for the attack was, in the mind of the fae, completely rational. However, in hindsight, they had rushed into it with little consideration of facts and blinded by anger.   The fae returned to the site where they signed the Treaty of Kloevendal, which officially ended the The Thousand Year War and ensured peace between all of the fae. They had created the Arch of Harmony to mark the occasion.   When they came back, they discovered that humans had permanently settled near their important monument, and they were not happy. They returned home and deliberated about what to do with these unwelcome inhabitants.   During these deliberations, the fae somehow got themselves quite angry and worked up about the situation. Someone threw accusations out that these humans had obviously settled near the portal to the fae world so that they could easily attack and invade the fae. Others screamed that they were related to the human assassin who had killed the first Arch High Fae Celtin Nirmaris.   Even though this had happened about one hundred years prior, the fae completely ignored pr simply forgot the obvious problem of human life spans for that theory to be true. Furthermore, it was a well-known fact that the humans was from Fennlad, and the humans they were angry about lived in Ashilder, a completely different nation.  

The plan

During the heated deliberations the fae had together after discovering the humans, they came up with quite a vague plan for how to attack the humans. There was barely any real order in it all and they hadn't chosen any official commanders.   The plan was simple: force out the humans, if they won't leave, kill them. It was also understood that if any human died who was willing to leave, that was just another justified casualty. The first order of business was to put on a dramatic threat, and if the humans didn't leave after that, the plan would be carried out.   It wasn't exactly the most carefully planned course of attack, but with the manpower the fae had, they would easily be able to overcome the humans. However, with their lack of planing, it might've gone over quite chaotically.  

A peaceful resolution

When the fae came knocking on the gates of Kloevenlev, the humans were anything but prepared. They had no idea what had been brewing. The fae posed their ultimatum, leave or die. During the speech that was given, the points about the assassination and the humans' obvious bad intentions slipped out.   The Clover Chief of the town was the newly elected Kersil Selen, who had only had the title for a little less than a year. He prepared to meet the fae and surrender, but was not ready to go down without a good old diplomatic conversation.   Kersil brought two Valley Wardens with him and left Kloevenlev to meet with the fae leaders outside of the town. He surrendered, but then explained the misunderstandings, hoping that they would see more kindly to the human settlers.   After much explanation from Kersil's side, and many sceptical questions from the fae, the anger of the fae slowly faded away. They realised these humans were no threat. They were simple farmers and nature enthusiasts, who had been watching over the valley and tended to their monument while they themselves had neglected it.   The fae decided to stop their invasion, and after Kersil asked whether or not the humans could continue their way of life in the valley that meant so much to them, they granted the permission.  

Lasting effects

The incident of 1557 is widely known in Kloevenlev, but the people of the town succeeded in keeping it a secret from the rest of the country. The town is pretty isolated, so the only worry would be if a tradesman or merchant heard something and told it as gossip in another town.   The situation led to a somewhat diplomatic relationship with the fae, who come to check up on the humans from time to time. They assist the humans with light enchantments to keep the dark entities at bay and help the wardens be better protected against them.   The fae have even offered to train some of the few Fae Marked people who live in the town, to ensure they learn to control and use their magical abilities.   In return, the humans ensure that they valley stays safe and that the Arch of Harmony is looked after and stays in pristine condition. The humans have been allowed to use the arch for their various celebrations and bigger events, as long as they keep away on the anniversary of the Treaty. On this date, the fae might use the arch for their own celebrations, and so the humans stay in town.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Correction of misunderstanding, peace



Countless of fae of all different backgrounds.
2310 townspeople (who live in Kloevenlev)




To rid the valley of the humans, who they thought were somehow related to the assassin who killed Celtin Nirmaris.
To correct the misunderstanding and ensure safety for the town and townspeople.

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