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Timeline Of Mythica

Early days

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  • Before Flood
    Founding Watchward

    After the formation of the empire of Mythica there was the need for a special guard that not only protected the emperor but also served justice. The Furies, as they were called at first, where spreading quickly around the empire. Even to the waters. On one point in time, the Monster Hunters where part of the Watchward Navy. But when the emperor decided the monster hunter were no long needed, they were cut off. Now they Monster Hunters are running a separated organization.

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  • 90



    Foundation of Staerdall

    The large city of Staerdall was formed by the Mystic's a group of mages, near a large oasis. They wanted to gather the nomad tribes that roamed Ariabon. The city has grown since then and even changed.

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  • 100

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    Foundation of the Staers

    Foundation of the Staers, warriors to keep everybody in Ariabon safe.

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    The Conspiracy of the White Raven
  • 199

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    Day of the flood
    Disaster / Destruction

    Monsters of the river, were once beasts of burden used by the Yellow Pearl Hunters to pull forth their ships. Until the sea serpent got angry and revolted against his masters. The great sea serpent made a large leap out of the water, when the beast crashed back into the waters, the impact caused massive tidal waves. Which caused Rubigo city to get flooded during the most important festival in Mythica, the citizens of the city drowned during this flood.   Now it's believed that the ghosts of those who drowned are still on the island, and that they are seeking revenge on the living. Because everybody who sets foot on that island is never seen again. It is also believed that the monsters of the River are still Roaming the waters around the Yellow pearl beach. Some also claim that they rarely appear in the small lake in at the center of the island. Which would imply that there is an underwater tunnel connecting the lake with the larger river.

    Cursed Island
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    Myth of Cursed Island

After the Flood

200 and beyond

  • 201 AF

    Founding Purple Heart Pearls

    This is one of the biggest jewelry shops in Yellow Pearl Town , it is also the most famous shop in Mythica.It is owned by the Umbrias familiy, the shop has being in the family for generations. The next in line to inherit the store is Nox Umbrias .Founding Purple Heart Pearls The store started in the living room in the year 201 After Flood. And it is grown to a bigger shop that everybody visits when they are in town.

  • 201 AF

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    201 AF

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    First case Mystic Cough
    Plague / Epidemic
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    Mystic Cough
  • 202 AF

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    Founding of the Monster Hunters


      After the Day of the Flood  the practice of using Monsters of the River, as beast of burden, was abandoned. In the fear that the monsters would attack the traveling ships on the Dark Street, a new type of hunters was formed.


    First, the hunters were part of the navy of Mythica. They traveled in the name of the crown and The Nameless Fate. But when it became clear that monsters were near extinction, the hunters were cut out of the service.


    The most hunters didn't believe the Street was safe enough to travel on. So they offer their services to the merchant ships, of course to the highest bidder.

    Monster hunter Guild

    Every ship that names its self a Monster Hunter ship, has to be part of the guild. This gives the merchants some kind of warranty. That their ships are well protected. Also, the guild provide weapons to fight the monsters.

    Dark Street
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  • 220 AF

    Foundation of the Cheetah Express

    Foundation of the Cheetah Express.