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The Benevolent

With the gods gone and the world in turmoil, it takes a special kind of individual to maintain a selfless desire to help out those less fortunate. The Order of Benevolents has stepped forward to fill this role, determined to not let being severed from the divine forces that once kept disease and pain at bay be the downfall of their world. Rather than relying on anything mystic or spiritual, they instead turn to nature and science to heal and defend. While the order is in no way weak, they generally opt to maintain a non confrontational approach to the world and its politics. They swear no allegiance to any of the world powers as the conclave has spread throughout all lands doing all they can to help and heal when they are called upon.



The Benevolent is required to be intelligent, intuitive, and driven in their purpose. Their job is a trying one, requiring a great deal of care and discipline to keep up with the needs of their wards.



The Benevolent fulfills a dire need in all societies. With the absence of divine magic once relied heavily upon for healing, their scientific and technological means and methods of replacing it have become a paramount skill for survival. They are not only healers, but scholars and innovators as well, often carrying with them a vast wealth of knowledge and ability that can turn the tide of any situation in a positive direction.

Social Status

Benevolents are well respected and welcome in nearly all civilizations save the elven lands, though there are rumors that even some of them have become proficient with the skills needed to physically heal and maintain health. While there are extremely rare accounts of members of this Order going rouge and using their ability and knowledge in twisted ways, the world would have suffered unimaginable losses without them.


It takes a great deal of intelligence, patience, and determination to be able to pick up the mantle of Benevolent, and the strains of the profession are more than many can bear. There are many Benevolents in the world, though most have only the needed, basic, rudimentary training necessary to fulfill their role in a community. There remain those extremely rare and gifted members that go on to innovate and uphold the qualities of the path in such a way that they make a name for themselves.

History   The Order was founded out of need and desperation, and act that earned the Bechtlarite a great deal of renewed faith and purpose. Thanks to their dedication to not only the people of Cairne, but to a neutral stance in all matters political, they have become a trusted and admired addition to the world tapestry.



  • Salves, Poultices, and Tinctures
  • Bandages, threads, needles, splints
  • Various fungal compounds and extracts
  • Chemistry tubes, beakers, adn flasks
  • Scalpels, knives, saws, and hammers


It is not uncommon for an advanced Benevolent to have a stationary laboratory or clinic, allowing them to focus and keep a controlled environment for their craft. These can range from a single room laboratory, to a full blown hospice facility.

Provided Services

  • Healing
  • Research
  • Foraging
  • Extended Medical Care

Dangers & Hazards

The call of the Benevolent is to protect the people under their charge. To this end, they are often the first one in and last ones out when it comes to dangerous situations. It was due to this that Samuel Minkeur began to enforce physical training on all the students that came under his care at The August Academy , a training regiment that has served many Benevolents well in the field. From the heroes of Mercy's Hand to the researchers in Armuun , trouble is never far away from the Benevolent's path.
Alternative Names
Physician, Healer, Doctor, Professor
The Order of Benevolents are the single and only medical caregiving organization in Cairne. Their skills and methods are in play all over Cairne.
Aside from the rare case of a Benevolent reaching outside of their standard for moral and ethical research, this profession is entirely legal.
Famous in the Field

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