Xenobiologist Profession in Cairne | World Anvil


These dedicated scientists delve into the secrets of aberrant creatures, beings warped and mutated by the insidious influence of the Blighted lands. They are meticulous researchers, armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the twisted anatomy and behaviors of these nightmarish entities. They meticulously document the origin and manifestations of the mutations caused by the Blighted lands, seeking to understand the dark forces at play. Equipped with an arsenal of specialized tools and protective gear, these specialized Benevolents venture into the heart of the Blighted lands to observe and analyze these grotesque creatures in their natural habitat. Through years of painstaking observation and experimentation, they compile invaluable data on the creatures' vulnerabilities, identifying methods to subdue or exploit their twisted traits. The pursuit of this knowledge often comes at a high cost, as these scientists risk life and sanity to uncover the secrets of the Blight and the creatures it spawns.


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