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The Heretic is the result of someone embracing everything the Benevolent Order taught them to avoid and putting into practice in the most vile way possible. Highly intelligent and highly motivated madmen, these scientists and physicians use their skills to create powerful aberrations to serve their whims and aid them in their work.


Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

Benevolent Level Feature
3rd Bonus Weapon Proficiencies, Heresy
7th Burn Notice
15th Cruelty
17th Mad Science
  Bonus Weapon Proficiencies At 3rd level the character gains the following weapon proficiencies: Dagger, Scourge, Sickle, Gaff Hook   Heresy Starting at 3rd level, the character can renounce the Order of Benevolents and become a Heretic, opting instead of following the Benevolent way of healing and scientific understanding, to become the bearer of harm and herald of woe. The Character may now use their knowledge to grow and weaponize diseases and poisons that will deal amounts of damage equal to the benevolents ability to heal.   Burn Notice By 7th level, the twisting mind of the heretic has attuned itself to the suffering of those it brings harm to. All fire, acid, and poison effects now last 1d4 rounds longer than normal as the character's study in human suffering allows them to craft bonding agents into their chemical compounds allowing them to cling to surfaces better and damage longer.   Cruelty Upon attaining 15th level, the character has become adept at maximizing pain upon the flesh of their enemies and utilizing their knowledge of anatomy and physiology in conjunction with their surgical skill, the Heretic may now add an addition 1d4 to any damage roll and criticals now land on a roll of 19 and 20.   Mad Science In a lab environment, the character may now experiment in cruelty. By utilizing their surgical skills and knowledge of the other sciences, the character may take a week of uninterrupted time and expend 2000 gp to attempt to create a chimera by bonding parts of various creatures together to form an abhorrent monstrosity. The core creature must be humanoid to start, and must be alive. Each removal of a limb, organ, or otherwise, requires the standard roll, as does the attachment of any new limbs. Due to the twisted nature of the experiment and the characters mindset, these rolls are made without the normal advantage. Each additional part beyond the normal number of parts, (i.e. a third arm or second mouth, etc.) requires an additional standard surgical attempt made at a -4 penalty that increases by -2 cumulatively for each additional enhancement beyond that. Failure results in the immediate death of the patient and failure of the experiment. The chimera will respond faithfully to all commands issued by the character, but lacks the intelligence for complex thought, so can only adhere to simple commands. The benefits of each change to the monstrosity are varied according to the part added and the host from which the part was removed. Each monstrosity is unique but all start with the same base stats.   Abhorrent Chimera    
  • Medium sized, unaligned
  • Armor Class 15 Base
  • Hit Points 93 (11d8 + 44)
  • Speed 25ft. Base
  • STR 10
  • DEX 10
  • CON 16 (+3)
  • INT 4 (-3)
  • WIS 4 (-3)
  • CHA 4 (-3)
  Chimera Enhancements (Abridged listing)   (These are merely suggestions, players are encouraged to be creative and ork with their DM to craft their own unique horrors)  
Enhancement Benefit
Elf, Dwarf, Volristad Eye Darkvision 60'
Elven Auditory System +2 Perception
Additional Eye +1 Perception
Extra Arm Additional Attack
Additional Pair of Legs +10' Movement
Additional Skin Grafting +1 AC
Muscle Grouping +1 To Hit and Damage
Alternative Names
Madman, Corruptor, Fallen Paradigm
Research / Scientific
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions

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