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The Apothecary

The Apothecary makes full use of the available resources in the field, manipulating the flora of the post Blight world to create concoctions and compounds capable of achieving strange and wonderful effects.


Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

Benevolent Level Feature Available Effects
3rd Everything Is Plants Immunity to fear, increased movement speed +5, glibness of tongue advantage on diplomacy, Darkvision, adaptive camouflage( bonus to stealth), natural attack
7th The Earth Provides Grant advantage on the next ability check of an ability chosen at time of application, protection from poison, pheromone that calms animals, water breathing
15th Nature Is My Defense Feign Death, Elemental resistance, Immunity to charm, temporary hit points, Increased damage melee attacks, Rage (bonus to melee atk, minus to AC), sustenance for one day
18th Magic Bullet Damage Resistance, Dream Walking (astral projection), pheromone that grants invisibility to shadowspawn (requires blighted herbs),extra action, grants benefits of a long rest, freedom of movement
    Everything Is Plants Through rigorous study the Benevolent has achieved a greater study of plant life then others of their kind. They gain proficiency in the Nature and Survival skills. Also they can forgo the extra 2 points of Healing from the botany skill to gain an effect from the table. The Benevolent can only pick an effect from their class level or below.   The Earth Provides The study of how to heal using plants and various materials has let the Benevolent to discover how to hinder a foe nonviolently. They can craft different salves that can cause sleep, paralysis, or even blindness. To apply a salve against an unwilling target requires a touch attack. The subject gets a saving throw(CON) against the Benevolent’s DC( Wis +prof) The effects last for a number of rounds equal to the Benevolent”s class level.   Nature Is My Defense Through further study of potential harmful effects the Benevolent can turn any of previous bad effects into area of effects, though 1extra does is required for every 5 feet added to the radius. The benevolent has also learned what combination of materials can also cause nausea, exhaustion, and to cause fear.   Magic Bullet Any healing item, heals any type of damage and heals for max hp for item type. It also heals any negative effect at the same time and grants a positive effect of their choice.
Alternative Names
The Natural Scientist, The Herbalist
Other Associated professions

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