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The Researcher is an innovator and inventor, able to push their creations further and apply them in a more varied and often useful way.


Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

Benevolent Level Features
3rd Keen Mind Feat
7th Chemical Keenness
15th Laboratory Solidarity
18th Creative Engineering
  Voracious Intellect 3rd level grants the character the Keen Mind feat.   Keen Mind You have a mind that can track time, direction, and detail with uncanny precision. You gain the following benefits.
  • Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. 
  • You always know which way is north.
  • You always know the number of hours left before the next sunrise or sunset.
  • You can accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within the past month.
  Chemical Keenness Starting at 7th level, the character may now craft twice the number of items as normal in the same amount of time. This does still require twice the number of raw materials.   Laboratory Solidarity Through practice and patient research, the character upon reaching level 15 will have determined ways to tweak and empower all the items they craft in their lab. All items now function at twice the normal potency, i.e. heal twice as much, damage twice as much, cover twice the area etc.   Creative Engineering Upon attaining 18th level, the character's scientific ability has allowed them to combine chemical agents and compounds to double down on the effect. Doing this will allow them to blend any two items they are able to craft using their skills into a singular item that can achieve both items' properties within the realm of reason. (The character cannot, for instance, craft a flaming projectile that also detonates flame retardant foam.)
Research / Scientific


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