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Field Medic

The Field Medic is the front line attendant who selflessly runs into the fray to keep their charges on their feet and protected from harm until they can be treated. They are fast and well trained in the art of shield defense and are often pivotal in combat scenarios.



The Field Medic is the first one to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of a comrade, enduring the dangers of the front lines of combat and shielding the fallen and the wounded from harm until they can administer their skill.

Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

Benevolent Level Feature
3rd Bonus Proficiencies, Rapid Response
7th Defender
15th Fleet Footed
18th Guardian of the Fallen
      Bonus Proficiencies   At 3rd level the character gains the following skill based proficiencies: Athletics, Acrobatics, and Survival   Rapid Response At 3rd level the character gains the ability to dash as a bonus action and a bonus of 50 lbs to their carry weight. This allows the field medic to get to their patients quickly in the field with the tools needed to save lives.   Defender By 7th level, the character gains a proficiency with the rear facing shield. With this the character may keep their back and their patient defended while they work in dangerous situations. The rear-facing shield grants both the character and the individual they are attending to a +4 AC bonus while they are tending to them.   Fleet Footed At 15th level, the character has become adept at navigating danger on the battlefield. The character may now move at twice normal speed for up to 2 rounds without stopping and gain an additional +2 to AC while moving. Any dexterity checks made while moving like this are made at advantage, allowing them to deftly overcome obstacles as they fly to those in need.   Guardian of the Fallen Upon reaching 18th level, the character gains an additional +2 AC bonus applied to both them and those under their care. Furthermore, any attempts to Coup de Gras an character under the care of the Benevolent will result in a blocked attempt, no roll needed. This ability also grants advantage on all saves versus spell and area of effect damage while the character is attempting to heal a fallen individual.
Alternative Names
Croaker, Sawbones

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