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The Benevolent Order of Paradigms

The Order of Benevolents is a very diverse group, coming from all races, cultures, and walks of life. Within the Order exists a small sect of Benevolents that have seen enough evidence that they have come to believe fully in the power of faith to achieve their goals in the art of healing as well as the advance of scientific study. While they are not a cult in the standard sense, they still hold to a structured belief and a hierarchy within that group who follow it. These Benevolents, under the guidance of Samuel Minkeur, a Bechtlarite scholar of some renown, have infiltrated most of the benevolent orders to some degree. It is not with any intention of usurping the existing Order, but with the belief that through diversity, they will be strengthened. They do not actively recruit and they are quick to relent if challenged, as Samuel has written within the manifesto of the Paradigmatic Order, that:
"Conflict seeks only to undermine faith. By allowing trepidation to pass around, over, and through, the practitioner will be able to see a more wholly revealed image of the situation. Faith is not exclusive, but a complimentary practice that adds to the pertinent scientific practice, allowing it to find a balanced use that utilizes the entire mind, body, and spirit."
While the Paradigmatic Order is not strict or exclusive, Samuel is very stern about dealing with those that break the code of ethics he has put forth that demands cooperation and a view of the greater picture in all things. Using himself as an example, he asks that all members of the Order maintain that they are a healer first, and a person of faith second. The patient is always to be the primary concern.


THe Order operates from the August Academy, with the HEadmaster of the facility as the de facto leader that heads a board of directors made of the most veteran staff and physicians.

Public Agenda

To bring health, care, and the protection of life to all walks and peoples no matter the cost or danger.


The primary structures at the August Academy and several outlying smaller clinics spread out throughout Cairne.

Divine Origins

From the scholarly studies of the effects of faith and faith based healing on the afflicted and the ability of faith to surpass mundane medical practices, came the concept of faith in self and faith in the process. It is less a true religion and more a dedicated philosophy, but in many cases a singular point of focus is needed for the process to function. As such, it is not uncommon for a Paradigm to use ritual, and deific honorifics from the past in order to achieve these ends.

Tenets of Faith

  • In all things the patient comes first.
  • Conflict does nothing but weaken faith.
  • Belief in the self, from the self the skill, and from the skill the result.
  • Charity is the foundation of truth in purpose.
  • In faith, there is courage, for no man or beast can strike down the ideals we stand for.


The Order has remarkably high ethical and moral standards. No patient is ever forced to receive healing in an unwilling sense, nor will the Order allow its ideals to be pushed on others, including other Benevolents.

Political Influence & Intrigue

  • Public Opinion The Paradigmatic Order is very well received wherever they are stationed, as they are, by and large, compliant with local law and custom, and polite and helpful wherever they can be. The works of their faith justify their presence, and the results certainly cannot be argued with when they are successful. There are those, however, that view the Order with suspicion and in some cases consider them to be detrimental to the growth of scientific thought and progress. These are generally few and since the Order are taught to avoid conflict, most naysayers burn off any concerns quickly when they discover they are debating alone.
  • The Lie The Order is very open and compliant, thanks to the written manifesto and continued works of Samuel. He would, in his more private moments, like to see the Order grow beyond the boundaries of the rest of the Benevolent factions, seeing them often as a hindrance to the faith based works he would like to achieve.
  • The Truth Samuel and his Order are genuinely concerned with the well-being and betterment of the rest of the races in Cairne, and are one of the few that is willing to maintain outposts within the Wastes, and are always present at the small villages and towns within the Outlands. Faith makes for fearless missionaries, and though the Paradigms avoid conflict at all cost, they never back down from their calling to heal and protect life. They choose no sides and ask for nothing in return, content that they are bricks within the construction of a better life for all.

"In all things, the patient comes first."

Founding Date
43rd of Senectus 135 PR
Secret, Religious sect
Alternative Names
The Paradigmatic Order
Ruling Organization
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