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Merilynn Dearagh

Doctor Merilynn Dearagh, PhD, MD

As a former student of Samuel Minkeur , Merilynn was one of the first graduates of the The August Academy following it's opening its hallowed doors to prospective students. A native of the settlement of Soliloquy  she originally set out from home to learn the art of healing in order to bring back the skills she acquired and serve as a physician for her people. Her time spent under the direct tutelage of Minkeur however, proved to have a substantial impact on her outlook and direction in life, eventually leading to her discovering a powerful talent and driven purpose in following in her mentor's footsteps following his death and taking over the position of Headmaster at the August Academy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to one of the more isolated families in the area of Soliloquy, Merilynn grew up an only child among a small, very tight knit community of Seanachaisians knowing very little of the outside world aside from the stories she was told by her parents and the things she overheard during community gatherings. When a strange sickness swept through the members of her village, she found herself powerless to help and as she watched them suffer through it, she was overcome with an angry passion to do something about it.    As soon as she was old enough, Merilynn gathered her things and, in opposition to her family's wishes, set out to seek a man she had only heard rumors of up to this point, Samuel Minkeur , to learn the ways of healing so she might never again feel so helpless and undone. The journey was treacherous but she managed thanks to the kindness of a number of small outlying Bechtlarite communities and eventually, a small handful of injured members of the The Burnt Crows who were on their way to seek healing in the Academy due to its neutral political stance and strong rules against outside interference with those under their care. Merilynn was amazed by the stories they told, these strange kinspeople she had never known about, and hearing about their struggles and what they stood and fought for, she could not help but be inspired by their passion and bravery. These long evening spent in their company are likely what influenced the events to come that led her to the position she is now in.    Her time at the academy was not easy. At the time, she was the only Seanachaisian member of the student body, and despised the way that so many of the others students and faculty alike treated her like a novelty. Her agitation was sensed and seen by the Headmaster, Samuel Minkeur who saw in her a unique gift and aptitude for the path of healing that he had developed. Her passion and empathic presence was powerful and an amazing asset that set her apart from the other students. Minkeur trained her personally from that point on, taking a special interest in her progress and impressed by her willingness to work long hours and never complain. Within a few short years she had gone from curiosity to a force to be reckoned with within the academy walls, and no longer was she treated like an outsider, but a respected member of the burgeoning alumni there. She graduated with the highest honors possible, and rather than return home, decided to stay on and ply her abilities there on the edge of the Blight and where she could be made available to as wide a variety of people as possible.


Merilynn is one of the most highly educated Benevolents of our time. She has focused her efforts of physical medicine but still remains one of th emost talented psychiatric practitioners in the modern world, using her natural talents granted by her cultural heritage in succinct union with her medical training to combat even the most lost causes of either art.


She is the Headmaster of the August Academy as well as one of the staff of practicing physicians that work internally there to provide healing to those in need.
Current Status
Administering the needs of the August Academy
Current Location
Date of Birth
14th of Vigor 101 PR
Year of Birth
101 PR 114 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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