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A small settlement nestled within the tree canopy of the Dunn Dierdiere Bog. Originally a haven for wounded refugee Seanachaisians to hide and heal in, this well hidden sect of families have maintained this small community for generations. The people who remain here have adapted well and are masterful hunters and gatherers considering the fairly harsh environment of the Bog itself. On the ground are numerous natural dangers, hungry beasts and deadly maladies that keep the casual explorers away. In the canopy where they have built an intricate and graceful series of homes and outlying buildings, the air is actually clean and pure and the climate temperate, making for a pleasant and healthy environment just above.


As a well guarded secret, this location is almost entirely and exclusively Seanachaisian.


There is no formal system of governance in place here, as the families each live their own way as long as it does not endanger the health and safety of the rest of the inhabitants.


The houses of the settlement being raised and built into the tree canopies over the water means that anyone attempting to do them harm would need to do so from the water, as the stairs and ladders up to their homes are easily removed or destroyed as a means of cutting off access from below in an emergency.    The Seanachaisians are dangerously defensive of this location and the secret of it, and will fight tooth and nail if threatened.


Following the end of the War of Human Attrition, many Seanachaisians that had weathered the fighting in hiding began to make their way out into the world seeking safe harbor and a chance to rebuild, find others of their kind, and make sense of this new world and the stripped down lives they now had to make the most of. These migrations spread far and wide, and were organized mostly by individual families with no outside influence or communication. It was likely due to this disorganized movement that the small group of explorers whose names are lost to time, braved the dangers of the Bog and the Weeping Woman as well.    Of the initial dozen, only six made it to the interior, each loss a staggering blow to their morale, but all the more reason to press on as well. The perseverance paid off in the end, however, and they found the interior of the Bog, a place where the toxicity was decreased enough that even short contact with it could be tolerated in small doses. They began to build immediately, deciding in their creative spirit that the canopy of the treeline would be the safest location and remove the treats of the majority of the wildlife from their location. The initial house took very little time to build, and in doing so they developed several new architectural means of making the structures stronger and more durable.    Over time, word spread and the home became two, and the more as a handful of those brave enough attempted the crossing. There were casualties, but undaunted, the Seanachaisians pushed even harder, tracing out the safe paths through the bayou and swamplands and beginning to ferry friendly kin from the edge of the Bog to the interior where they would either build among them, or strike out into the deeper regions to make a home for themselves,


The Seanachaisian treehouse design is simple yet, majestic in its own right. They are built to utilize the living tree in their design, making each one unique. The roofs are covered with a thick layer of rich peat and sod from the shallows of the swamplands and used to seal the underlying structure. These sprout mosses and fungi that further trap moisture and sediment, and filter it into the underlying sod, and allow excess to run off the side harmlessly. The interiors are warm and comfortable, and a testament to the cultural press for artistic perfection, each one seemingly built in a way both effeicent and asthetically pleasing to the eyes.
Founding Date
17th of Senectus 5 AR
40 (Approximate)
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