Cairne The Benevolent Order Emerges

The Benevolent Order Emerges



With the void left behind by the exodus of the gods, and the world falling quickly beneath the heel of sickness and infection, a small order of Bechtlarite scholars bands together to toe the line.

In the absence of the gods, it was only a matter of time before helth concerns became a serious matter. With the population already decimated by the Blight and the wars that followed, life had become a commodity that could no longer be taken for granted. A small band of scholars from the The University of the Lighted Way gathered for a conference to try and figure a means to staunch this damage, especially seeing as their former Empire was largely to blame for the state of the world. Over the course of three days the group drew up the doctrine and methodology for the original iteration of the Order of Benevolents. Utilizing the skills honed in the War of Human Attrition and the vast wealth of knowledge contained within the many libraries of Armuun, these scholars began to work out numerous means by which they could preserve life and maintain health, with the promise that this methodology would be shared freely to those in need, hoping that the Order would grow and expand out, offering their aid far and wide. Their efforts found root and did just that very quickly, summoning scholars and practitioners, herbalists, and even former clergy from all over Cairne willing to put differences aside and focus on the overall wellbeing of the entire planet. Research and the development of practices began to flower and over the course of the following years, a number of standardized procedures and methods were documented and sent forth as more and more Benevolent Houses began to be founded and more and more Benevolents were trained.

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