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Benevolent Paradigm

The Benevolent Paradigm is a true believer in the ability of the mind to overcome perception and perceived reality. While their faith relies on no higher power, it is not uncommon for the Benevolent Paradigm to utilize a concept of divinity as a focus for their patient. They are sensitive and observant, using belief as much as skill to heal those under their care.


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Expanded Ability List

Benevolent Level Feature
3rd Empathic Attunement
7th Aura of Calm
15th Harmonic Manipulation
18th Faith of the Believer
    Empathic Attunement By third level, the character has become sensitive to the suffering of others and as such can use this sensitivity to better care for the infirmed. All attempts to diagnose and treat the wounded or sick now have a +2 bonus to skill check and heal for an additional 2 points of damage as well.   Aura of Calm 7th level brings with it a radiant presence. The Benevolent radiates a sense of calm peace. Those in the character's presence are confident that they are in good hands, allowing them to operate as if inspired. Any character healed by the Benevolent is reinvigorated by this and regains the inspiration token if it has been spent, otherwise, the token is replenished daily provided the characters remain in the company of the Benevolent.   Harmonic Manipulation The character's empathy is sensitive enough by level 15 that they may now sense the harmonic vibrations that surround living things by placing a gentle hand upon their patient. This awareness gives them the ability to slightly manipulate this energy for the purpose of healing. A full round of focus can heal another individual 1 hit point of damage, stabilizing fallen characters and stopping bleeding without the need of any other materials. Further focus can heal an additional 5 points at the rate of one per round provided nothing interrupts the process. This ability can also be used to sense the presence of pathogens and poisons in a patient, though no details beyond the fact that those things are present can be garnered from this. If used upon the undead, this ability causes 1d4 harm to them and will cause them to reel back in pain. Intelligent undead may make a save against the Benevolents DC (Wisdom + Proficiency bonus) to avoid damage.   Faith of the Believer Though the gods have abandoned the world, faith springs forth from new places to fill that void. By 18th level, the Benevolent has made a name for themselves and has become a firm believer in the ability of the mind to overcome all things through faith. This is a powerful ability that does not actually grant any power to the character, but rather, grants those around them the chance to believe in the healing ability of the Benevolent so much, that they are able to manifest their own healing just by believing that the Benevolent's presence is enough to make it happen. Those attempting to receive a faith healing make a save versus the Benevolent's DC for the faith heal, (Charisma + Proficiency bonus) versus their Wisdom. Failure causes a full reversal of any and all non-magical damage and conditions. The Benevolent feels this transfer of energy very deeply and must long rest after it happens.¬†
Alternative Names
Paradigm, True Believer
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