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Thornhollow is the trading hub and capital of The Pale. It is home to the throne of Jarl Skavar the Strong, situated north of the Wolf Howl Woods and south of the Spine Mountains.


Thornhollow is a relatively diverse place, made up of about 50 percent Humans, 7 percent Half-Elves, 15 percent Orcs and Half-Orcs, 8 percent Sylvurco, and 17 percent Goliaths. There are also a few Dwarves, Devilkin, Elves, and Halflings though they are the minority only making up about 3 percent of the total population collectively.


The whole of the Pale is under the rule of Jarl Skavar the Strong. The people of the Pale came to the aid of Lothias Torrieth in the battle with the Dragon Xysyrrun the White, and helped him to become the King of the Kingdom of Nyrenthia

Guilds and Factions

The Ice Hawks, a band of monster hunters have their guild hall in Thornhollow.


Being located to the north the weather is cold, the harsh mountain winds blow down through the city often bringing snow and ice with it. Even in the spring and summer months the temperature doesn't typically rise much above freezing.
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